MEpearl: The Opossum Lady
BTW Im not an animal hoarder I swear LOL
I like to rescue unwanted animals off craigslist
Wow, so you are an animal lover...

That's awesome, your reptiles look happy...

They could kick my ass!!!

They're big!!!

The silkie chicken is crazy adorable, OMG...

I had honestly never even seen one before now, that's crazy.


I used to have parakeets and a parrot.
Oh yeah big time
OMFG THE RACCOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look he's just CHILLIN'!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my God that's so awesome.

I bet being this skilled with animals most people consider "wild" you probably really can relate to the MEPearl lady on a deeper level.

This is fucking awesome.

She's so amazing with animals.

There are people in the comments section theorizing that this lady used to be an actress back in the day...

Seems pretty plausible/likely.

This lady is amazing.

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