New game show
I keep thinking of tim Treadwell getting eaten by a bear . i feel like game shows of the future will feature real life/death challenges for money or perhaps freedom from prison.

Imagine how captivated the viewers would be if for $100k  you offer to take a sexy blonde slathered in honey and put her in a sexy skirt a big leather collar round her neck so master can walk her into the woods to meet her bear friends...its kinda like an aztec offering . So just tie her to a tree for 3 days and if she survives she wins and is happy. Either way it gets good ratings and this could also be done with imprisoned serial killers maybe raise the stakes a little offering freedom and a facelift but they must be chained to the polar sea ice with a dead seal next to them for 3 days. It would be super fun thinking up new episodes dontcha think ???
Reminds me of this:

"Dark Tourism: Hunting humans could become big business says tourism expert"

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