Women are sexually deviant creatures
The devil made them choose evil and mankind has spent the last 10 thousand years dealing with the fallout. Currently we are enduring a generation of wickedness in the form of nude ladies(pornos). We have faggotry literally parading down our city streets year after year encouraging our children to sin and defile their bodies. Its never been easier for Lucifer to recruit new members.
What's your solution Jango?

Date dudes?

Fuck dudes?

Dudes fuckin' dudes?

Do you see how that plays into the... faggotry?

So what's your solution, mate?
Jango unchained, @3:30 - 4:30

Dude that fuckin' bird is a damn good actor.
I think when guys inseminate the ladies it makes them more holy but you gotta be thinking the right things when you fuck them , she is your bitch that you train and punish thats how you keep evil spirits in check. Its so vital to dominate your girl in bed...Thats what my papa taught me


Well fucking said, sir.
Great song too.
Whoooooa, where the fuck do YOU live, Phoenix?!?!?!?!?
ya. probably gunna end up dieing alone here.
there is a problem where society is just not educating woman to act like woman or something.
not saying all are like this -and hopefully not to offend trix
but the majority of them are acting like total snot noses.

You're not gonna offend me...

I basically don't know any chicks.

And the ones I do know vibe with me well, thus why they're even in my life...

So I guess what I'm saying is they're not typical. ROFL.
I dont wont to talk about it.
im fed up
snot nosed woman. typical of all of them

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