Category 4: Hurricane Michael among fiercest in U.S. history bashes Florida Panhandle
Sad Nana 
Man I hadn't even HEARD about this storm before YESTERDAY and I'm not even joking.
Good God...
FEMA actually gauges the severity of natural disasters by the Waffle House and whether it's staying open...

Waffle House is closed, folks.
Hurricane Michael downgraded to Category 3; officials warn of 'life-threatening storm surge'

That shit made landfall as a Category 4...

They better not try to downplay this shit like they did with Katrina, which many people suggested was much stronger than its Category classification.
There were people saying Katrina was a "Category 6", essentially it was more powerful than the current classification system even allows for.

This shit is crazy...

Why is it not being talked about more?? Why did I just hear about this shit YESTERDAY???

I'm out of touch but I'm not THAT fucking out of touch.
It rapidly formed near cancun/cuba just 3 days ago, its not your fault for being slow on the uptake darling


Hardly enough time to even get out of the way.
"Hurricane Michael spawns ‘monster’ mosquitoes FIVE TIMES the normal size"

"Toxic Red Tide Could Sicken People as Hurricane Michael Pushes It Ashore"

"Hurricane dangers will linger long after Michael's trail of devastation, experts say"

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