Tom Delonge . whats his agenda?
Says his brother was special forces . Tom wants us to know the pentagon is keeping us safe .Says he has high level military contacts who share ufo secrets with him.

Prior discussion about Delonge...

(12-21-2017, 02:28 AM)user Wrote:

(12-21-2017, 02:59 AM)MO Wrote: 22:10...

They are rolling out an app where people all over the world can share their UFO sightings in real time?

Just what the fuck are they expecting? A sudden uptick and barrage of UFO sightings?!


Project Bluebeam anybody? Holy shit, talk about co-ordinated.

Reminds me of some of the stuff Clif High has talked about re: UFO sightings being in the language pretty heavy in the coming years...

The only question is...

Is it gonna be real, or is it just gonna be the elite bouncing lasers off the chemtrails and freaking everybody out?

Because if it's REAL, that can only mean that there are alien forces who have been closely at work with the elite, planning to slowly reveal themselves to the public.

If it's not real, then it must be some next level brainwashing and enslavement the elite is seeking to install on a global level.

(12-21-2017, 03:04 AM)MO Wrote: 24:35 this guy IMMEDIATELY approaches this situation applying mind control tactics to the audience...

It's fucking UNBELIEVABLE.

Listen to what he says!

He's like hypnotizing people.

Basically saying, "What these other people said they experienced was real. We need to respect that and believe them, therefore this is all true."

(12-21-2017, 03:15 AM)MO Wrote: 31:54 "Cinematic entertainment"...

That tells me all I need to know.

This is going to be totally fabricated shit...

They aren't going to tell the truth behind where the tech came from...

They're going to build a bunch of total lies and feed it to the population under the guise of being the 'new entertainment'.

And it would make sense really...

The interterrestrials with this advanced tech are probably a lot like us, they probably look like we do...

There's no real difference between us and them other than that they have this advanced tech.

This is absolutely nothing new... it's humans enslaving and tricking and brainwashing other humans just like it's always been.

Earthlings fucking over other earthlings, pacifying them with 'ooo, pretty, shiny' on the screen or in the sky, and harvesting their energy... physically, mentally and spiritually.

(12-21-2017, 03:23 AM)MO Wrote: The problem I can foresee with this that they may introduce technology to 'show' people how to 'hack' the matrix...

So they are gonna give people devices that will help them 'hack' the matrix and cause an apple to appear out of nowhere (for example).

It's kind of like Tesla and the whole fiasco of his tech being suppressed while he was alive, and then stolen and totally abused after his death.

The principles were there in his work, everything we needed to know in order to NATURALLY 'hack' the matrix was present.

But the info was stolen, never got out to the people, and now his work is coming out as tech which has been engineered to work within the confines of the elitist system for the purpose of keeping people enslaved.

(12-21-2017, 03:27 AM)MO Wrote: This reeks to me of an elitist power structure which is realizing they've kept the people (read: enslaved masses, human batteries, loosh factories) TOO far behind on the tech aspect of things.

In order for the elite to take what they wanna do to the next level, in order for them to adequately 'have their fun' out in public, they need to run a fast upgrade on the masses and just introduce a bunch of this crap in rapid succession so they don't have to play BS games anymore.

Seems like they've been deliberating about the best way to install this upgrade on the masses... due to the nature of their expansive plans, they don't want to give it the sort of 'blind, ignorant' chaotic feel that typically happens when religions are born, i.e. mass amounts of humans witness things they can't explain and therefore they have to invent a story for it.

The elite are inventing the story themselves (thus the 'cinematic' and 'entertainment' aspect to this roll-out) to mitigate that chaotic 'religion' response.

They need this to be well controlled and for the masses to be introduced to it properly, because the masses need to keep being good slaves in the meantime and during whatever the next phases will be.

(12-21-2017, 03:32 AM)MO Wrote: So instead of just outrightly discussing the principles of reality/the matrix, they are going to be rolling out a bunch of tech which will be the 'proxy', so that humans will be ignorant to the truth about how to control reality/the matrix.

It's like using calculators instead of actually working problems out on paper... people become dependent on the calculator, and a generation or so later, people can't even do math 'the old fashioned way' anymore.

Exact same thing.

They will be giving people tools which will, in their perception, 'hack' the matrix and allow them to essentially do magic.

People will feel special and important and they will feel like gods because of what they can do with this tech.

And the sad part is that those of us who reject the tech grasp the principles and the understanding behind 'hacking the matrix' already...

We know the truth, we know that life and existence itself, awareness within that existence of where we actually are, and what we actually are... THOSE are the NATURAL things which 'hack' the matrix and allow us to bend reality to our will. That life itself is a PROCESS of this happening... NATURALLY. If only we are AWARE of it, and understand the principles.

This artificial way of doing this is simply not right...

It only takes people deeper into the inner parts of this specific "level" we are on. They won't be "breaking out" of it, they'll be going DEEPER into the illusory nature of it.

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