So sick of these cucked out young dudes...
God they make me nauseous, make me wanna motherfucking barf.

It doesn't matter how good looking you are, it doesn't matter how talented you are, it doesn't matter how nice you are...

If you're a young leftist fucking cuck, you are a disappointment and pure and total repellant for any chick who's actually interested in MEN.


Rallying behind your mindless feminazi bitch girlfriends when they want to go to a stupid protest and show the world how fucking dumb they are and how dumb you must be to go along with their stupid shit...

Posting on Facebook about how happy you are that gay people can get married in Finland now...

Doing your stupid as fuck virtue signaling on social media proving that you're 100% out of touch with reality on every single level...

You are an embarrassment. Chicks don't want you... they want to conquer you and move onto the next and the next until they get what they want on a BIOLOGICAL LEVEL: a man who isn't a motherfucking pansy.

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