Legal Latino Heat and his magnificent hair...

He's shameless about it too, this is like the 3rd time I've seen him use a closeup of his hair as the thumbnail...


Admittedly, I don't even watch his videos. I subbed because I saw him on an InfoWars broadcast (I think) like a year ago and I'm like well, this dude's hot. I'm subscribing.

32:02 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's what I say!!!!!!!

What the fuck is this?!

Why is it always his hair?!

Don't get me wrong, if that was my hair I'd be proud of it too, but teehee...

It's just funny. Come on, IT IS.
It's dangerous to be prideful about hair...

Terrible things can happen to it if you hold it too dear.

Life teaches us a great many lessons, in very painful ways...

Thank you life. Thank you for hurting us.

No really, thanks.

So much.

No really.
put it on the hair... anywho
I met this guy who has a nice little bush of hair on his nose, not out of his nostril but on his actual nose.

4:05 that chaplain guy's body language is suspicious when the reporter guy asks him what he knows...

His eyes downshift and everything.
Even my dog gave me a look like wtf are you watching the ' news'... get up and feed me bitch

Its so efin fake
But they will 'program' the minds of the programming

He deleted his Facebook!

Hell yeah baby!

3:23 LOL he's so funny.
Robert is very funny...

I think some of his jokes go a lil too far.

But he is entertaining and cute.

Looks like he meal preps at least to an extent...

A man who can cook! My my! He's a keeper!

He'll probably delete this video, LMAO.

Oh wow, now he's just being an asshole!

LMFAO look at this fucking guy catfishing with this thumbnail.

Some of his videos have been interesting lately, re: livestreams of him just walking around or whatever.

I haven't watched any of them. But by the titles and thumbnails I've noticed he seems to be trying something new.

His channel is weird... I'm suspicious of him. I don't think it's right he makes fun of Tim Pool for being bald either.

I'm not a massive Tim Pool fan, but roasting him for being bald is going a lil too far... we've already covered the danger of hair pride in this thread.
(11-11-2018, 12:03 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: A man who can cook! My my! He's a keeper!

You show a woman you got good kitchen skills
They know you ain't lookin for a cook.

He’s a salty motherfucker though!

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