THE HUNTER SISTERS: “No one’s perfect!”
I mean when there's serious shit going on, like death of people or some other type of actual issue, then I'm usually pretty supportive.

But if people are just sad but they still have motor function and functioning sex organs and they're not acutely dying it's like, meh.
" I think I'm closer to being a sociopath than I am to being someone who goes over the top trying to help people be emotionally happy or some shit."

trix 2018

Dr. Stephanie is my one true love, okay.

I wonder how much plastic surgery they've both had.

0:28 LOL, look at Stephanie's body language when she says "deceptive appearance"...

Now I AM NOT SAYING that Stephanie's appearance is "deceptive" or that the subject matter applies to her...

Calm your damn fricken tits.

But I am just noting body language, and come on. Nobody's hair is actually that color.

I LOVE IT. Don't get me wrong. I'm about to order 10 orange wigs. But I am JUST SAYING.

0:56 check out the bitchin' spider ring Dr. Tammy is wearing, FUCK ME I love these two.

Dude honestly... Dr. Stephanie kinda looks like Geena Davis, and she kinda sounds like her too.

This is a great episode.

Rawr! Dr. Stephanie looks more radiant than ever! She's a style icon! I just love it!

Dr. Stephanie is adorable. No BS.

I want to be besties with her and I think we should promptly begin living together.



I think exes should be able to remain friends, it's the mature way to be.

Of course it depends on individual circumstances...

I generally think that the shorter the relationship, the less it matters whether you stay friends or not.

But if you were together for a long time and you can't be friends (and nothing that terrible even happened) you're just immature.

Maybe words can hurt in an intangible emotional way... feelings are intangible.

Let's not coddle this ridiculous "offended/triggered" culture.

But negative self-talk and negative talking to other people is corrosive... it's basically like cancer.

They're right about this for the most part.

I love these two, they're so cute and helpful.

I wonder if Dr. Stephanie wears the wigs ALL the time.

Seems like that'd be really uncomfortable.

Maybe not though.

I have shame that I'm not more like Dr. Stephanie!!!!!!!?!


On the real though, who the fuck is in charge of their channel title and their video titles and that kinda stuff?

The punctuation is horribad in their titles and descriptions.

Their channel title should be The Hunter Sisters, or Hunter Sisters: No One's Perfect!

They've got their apostrophes in the wrong places...

Like in this video title it should be "its", not "it's".

They leave off the periods after "Dr" in the video descriptions...

Meh it's like fuck, step up your game, ladies. Don't be slacking here.

This shit is important...

If you're doctors you need to make your fucking names and titles and descriptions look like you're educated.
cant believe your watching this leftiest crap.

Dr. Stephanie's hair looks fucking lit in this video.

I think that's her real fricken hair. If not, it's the most convincing wig ever.

God I love this chick.

She's so funky and cool and I know I am destined to be her when I grow up.

I love BOTH of these chicks. I am NOT leaving Dr. Tammy out of this.

That's totally Dr. Stephanie's real hair, it's very cute. Very cute, I love it.

Orange is my favorite color.

I wonder what Christmas dinner with Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Tammy is like.

I just wanna say I absolutely have not set any new year's resolutions.

I probably have in the past, but not this time.

2:55 this is a great habit to get into.


5:33 Dr. Stephanie seems so nice and sweet.

Love these ladies!!!

Look how gorgeous these ladies look today.

Look how gorgeous Dr. Tammy's shawl is.

Look how gorgeous Dr. Stephanie's hair is.

It's fabulous, just fabulous, all of it.

Let's talk about the REAL effects of dating apps...

"Tinder is going to be responsible for a massive uptick in HIV and other STDs"

"Superbugs, STDs, and Dating Apps"

2:42 I don't know that I believe that.

Dr. Stephanie looks like Linda fuckin' Ronstadt if she had orange hair.

2:00 ROFLROFL... I love these two, honest to God.


Dr. Stephanie looks EXTRA fabulous in this video!!!

I bet Dr. Stephanie was super hot as a young chick, I wanna see pics.

I wonder what these eccentric bitchez are gonna tell us about attracting a partner!?!

0:57 it's a great opening point, I gotta say.

2:30 it's totally true.

2:51 that's a question I ask myself a lot.

3:22 that can be a tough pill to swallow too.

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