I'm an extremely impulsive person...
Dancing Banana 
Just saying.
Hello MO. I been thinking about you, not in a creepy way or maybe it is in a creepy way, hell i don't know. Either way i wanted to say what's up

I've been thinking about you too, hoping you're feeling better lately and doing good.

Hugs and kisses from MO!!!

Im feeling a little better. People i know drive me crazy. They are poison. Drain the life out of me. Vampires. I hate the feeling of being stuck. Stuck where i live stuck with the same people around me that just do the same thing over and over and i feel trapped.

So i need to make a plan and get away from these morons forever. Well besides all that im doing ok. Im sure i will figure out something. At least i havent heard from that crazy chick that lives in this building.
Man, the month of March is the perfect time to make your move.

There are massive winds of change in the air...

Make a plan, do it now... you can achieve it.

Work hard on it, this will give you hope.

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