I want to know how many people have had the thought that having to eat is ridiculous.
The thought occurred to me earlier today... it's ridiculous we have to eat. It's cool, I'm fine with it. And the thought occurred to me that just because I acknowledge that it's ridiculous to have to eat doesn't mean I won't put up with it. It is what it is. I was also thinking that if some kind of unnatural solution came along to "free" people from the "burden" of having to eat... of course I wouldn't go for it because I don't believe in anything unnatural.

But there's something to this. I was thinking about this today and then later I talked to a friend who mentioned HAVING THE SAME THOUGHT. Today. Out of nowhere.

So what the fuck is up with that?

How many people have had this thought? I'm really assuming everyone has at some point. But I want to know. For sure. Does everyone have this thought?

And what does that mean?

Is this a natural thought occurring to us? Or is it a setup? 

I don't necessarily get any nefarious vibes from the thought... however, if I start seeing talk of "not having to eat anymore" because of some invention or some study or something, I will get suspicious.

Is something looming on the horizon here? What does this mean?
Its funny that you say this because over the past 3 years ive trained myself to be able to not eat for 4 days and still be able to function at probably 85% by the last day. I do this every few months  for at least 3 years. I did 5 days once.
I bet i could go a week with no food.

I've been slacking though and as of recent i can only do 3 days straight before i end up eating. Ill also do it were ill eat once a day for a week. Ive always felt an impending doom and i believe that everybody should be able to at least go 5 days at any given moment with no food.

I lose around 8 to 10 lbs when i do this but gain it back the day i eat.  I believe you need balls to do this and the phony ass pussy people would never handle it. They would cry like bitches and if something ever happened they would be fucked.

The key is to go without food for a long time and still be able to function. Maybe nothing ever happens but if it does at least i know that i can do this if i have to.

Very interesting.

Thanks, Nb...

I went a while last year eating like 1 apple a day and that was all. Not eating at all though, man I dunno. I just think the body goes into a subconscious panic mode when we don't eat. Which obviously could have some really bad effects we might not even realize.

(03-04-2017, 12:33 AM)Nb Wrote: I believe you need balls to do this and the phony ass pussy people would never handle it. They would cry like bitches and if something ever happened they would be fucked.

ROFL, that cracked me up. It's true though.
Trying to do the whole vegan thing, I kind of took it to the extreme. I was busy with other things and eating was just totally back burner. Then I realized there are some health consequences to not eating (LOL, ya think?) and I decided I needed to take better care of myself.

And I also decided I needed fish. But that's another story...
Not eating for very long periods and very often would cause health issues. But doing it a few times a year i have seen no problems at all. In fact, i just recently read that it is good and promotes longer life, not the reason i do it but thats what i read just last week. 

There is a guy who only eats one meal a day and hes been doing it for a year with no health issues. They say it cleans out the body of toxic chemacals more efficiently since your gut is not loaded with month old food. 

I dont do it for these reasons in fact i just learned of them. I just like to test myself and see what kind of person i am. Its a test of not just the body but even more so the mind. Also to know i can do it if anything ever happened is a bonus.
i've gone beyond the disdain for ingestion and taken it all the way to respiration.

this dance of chemicals is silly, let pure aether flow!

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