Celebrities on Twitter are... kind of an embarrassment.
Hey don't get me wrong, I like the idea of celebtards being more open and stuff.


I see some replies they throw at people, even apart from their regular tweets and it's like...

Tweeting some stupid shit is one thing, but @ replying some slightly embarrassing shit is another matter.

I even see them feeding trolls. It's like... WTF are you doing?

Why don't their managers tell them this shit is a bad idea???

Internet born celebrities are one thing... who gives a shit what they post on Twitter, this is their playground.

But these celebtards who are still contracted bigwigs starring in the latest Chinese owned hollyweird propaganda films...

They really just need to shut the fuck up. They chose their path, and hollywood brand celebrity is basically roadkill at this point, like... run over 100 times kinda roadkill. As long as they are totally owned by these companies and shit they need to just shut up. Stop embarrassing themselves and just enjoy their $$$ contracted propagandist movie roles. They don't even live in the same world as the internet famous (AKA the NEW celebrities) do.

Take Pewdiepie for example, he's the top internet celebrity with an income these hollyweird puppets would envy and he's got more fans than even the most famous of the hollyweird ilk. Yet those hollywoodtards don't live in the same world he does, they don't share the same reality, they're completely owned and they don't even think for themselves. They just need to stop using social media to act like they do think for themselves.
It's funny how moronic celebs are. I just hope they don't stop being stupid. They have less than 0 credibility and i can't even stand 99% of them. Total sheep people.

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