If the elites really are cannibals, what’s to stop them from putting human meat in...
The general food supply??

Fast food, ground meat at the market, etc.

If Hillary “Kuru” Clinton and the other elites who exhibit symptoms of cannibalism sickness really are cannibals then who’s to say they’re not forcing cannibalism on the general public as a means of ritual and worship of their evil dark lord?

Both Hillary and Bill look and act like they got ahold of some bad meat. Hard to believe Bill is even still alive after the way he was looking a few years back.

And they’re not the only ones!

“Juncker Drunker”


“Cannibalism: A really uncomfortable thought just occurred to me”

Are all the rumors true?

Is soylent green really PEOPLE?

Have we been eating PEOPLE?
”Human DNA found in hotdogs and sausages, even found in vegetarian products”


”Meat Testing: A fifth of samples reveal ‘unspecified animal’ DNA”

Might explain Parkinson's to an extent. Similar symptoms and all.
I think it's a possibility because Yes, they ARE just that evil.

They'd only need a few key people in all the right places of
authority to keep it "hush-hush" enough to foist this on the
public. Most food company owners are more than likely
"a part of the club" so no resistance there. Scary thought.

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