The Zane Greene Chronicles: Part 7
Just watched Q&A  with Zane and Priss Good Luck guys
I guess the song I have not heard for years  end up for a reason in my youtube suggestion list

I wonder if trix is jealous . zane and priscilla seem very much in love
Kenny, Trix left a comment on Zanes livestream the night Zane and Priss met, that comment is gone now that Trix deleted her youtube account but I think it answers your question. The comment was "Thank God."
I just caught up on the latest Zane videos. Wow a lot has changed. I totally support Zane and his sobriety efforts. It doesn't matter what your motivation to get sober is as long as it works. 

And replacing unhealthy addictions with a healthy addiction (like working out 2-3x a day) is the kind of lifestyle change that is needed for long-term results. As well as surrounding yourself with healthy people like Miss Priss.

However, in Zane's latest video his anger toward Kara is at a boiling point. I hope he's prepared for a whole barrage of emotions that are going to surface now that he's sober. These are the emotions that he's been trying to stuff down and escape through drugs and alcohol. I think there is more deep-seated pain and anger than just to do with his ex-wife. 

Also, is Zane getting any mental health treatment? He strikes me as bipolar with mania. Not sure what he was diagnosed with but he said he lost his job due to a mental breakdown. I hope Zane can stabilize himself naturally through diet and exercise, but most people with addictions like he had are self medicating with drugs and alcohol. He may need more of a dual-diagnosis treatment plan.

I think Zane needs to leave his family be for awhile and.just focus on healing himself for a few months. Don't talk to.Kara and get caught up in this drama, like threatening her with audio recordings. It's not good for his recovery. Once he is stable and sober for a good 3-6 months, then plan a family visit.

Zane you chose to give Kara 90% of your income. Just be the bigger person and let the past go after you process the emotions that make you angry. She has gone through a lot too, you both have. Being a single parent of 3 kids is not easy, and she was sick with cancer too. Try to have compassion and know the truth always comes out, you don't have to force it. God knows anyway. Everything happens for a reason.
zane is too triggered by kara and he needs to gain control before he scares away priss
i think priscilla is pretty and i can't help wondering if oneday she will beat up zane for misbehaviour , seeing flashes of this potential outcome

pretty sure she can french kiss with the best of them
Shake Head 
I do not like the intro noises zane is using. Those girls laughing make me feel insecure just like that little girl trix uses. I feel like i am standing with my pants down and they laugh at my penis.

what is zene greene's email address or DM???

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