Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene


2:30 can she maybe SHUT THE FUCK UP while he’s making a video?

Since it’s fucking useless for her to talk since you can never hear WHAT THE FUCK she’s saying anyway?

No no... don’t speak up. We don’t WANT TO HEAR you.

Fucking sick of male YouTubers’ girlfriends babbling like fucking morons in the background while dudes are trying to film vids... fucking idiots.

Hey guys...

Tell your girlfriends to shut the fuck up while you’re filming.

Nobody fucking cares what they have to say and no, it’s not cute.


I'm not gonna say anything.

I'm just not gonna say anything.

I've said a lot of shit, it's probably pointless to say any more shit, and I'm just not gonna say anything.
Look I'm glad Zane survived his hard days of hoboin' and I'm glad he's alive and whatnot...

I'm glad he's not doing meth, I'm glad he's not getting drunk...

I'm glad he's got a roof over his head and such.

But man...

The seasons of our lives.

It can't all be excitement.

It can't all be fun and games.

It can't all be amazing.

It's a hard and sad truth (in my opinion) but it's the truth no less.
In the last coin stream they panned up the camera and showed some luggage and talked as if they were leaving in a few days, yet they supposedly JUST got done paying for the van and its smog approval or whatever. From the sounds of it, nothing’s even been done to the van... unless somebody else did all the work on it and built it out.

And I’d have to strongly assume there’s no bath tub in it like Prissywhipped was demanding so... how comfortable are they really gonna be in that van?
Are they taking the dogs?

They better at least take Zane’s dog...

He’ll need something to keep him warm in those cold Alaska nights when he finally ditches the ball and chain.

The guy’s done his time.
Hopefully he’ll just get a job on a boat like he’s always talked about.

As far as Alaska women, they probably won’t be any more to look at than Priss is, but I bet they’d ACTUALLY be fun.

It makes my skin crawl when he calls Priss “fun” after she says some retarded shit in one of his vids. If we were never sure he was a liar before, I guess we can be certain of it now.
Priss and Zane are together because Priss was in love with Ty... probably since she first met him. So really Ty is still her #1... but he’s married so they obviously can’t be together. Zane was Ty approved, and Priss decided she’d snag him for that reason. I considered perhaps she thought there’d be a chance to hang out with Ty even more if she had Zane... but I decided against that theory because they were already around each other a lot anyway. Seems that’s not happened at all.

Maybe Ty encouraged Priss toward Zane in hopes of getting her off his own back. The only reason Priss ever had her faith based workout biz was because of Ty’s faith. Totally in love with him, and who can blame her... Ty’s a good looking nice guy. I guess he was already married when Priss met him at the gym. She probably feigned interest in whatever he was into and that’s probably how they cooked up the fitness/Christianity idea. He can sell that a lot better than she can, and she clearly has given up on it anyway... it didn’t get her what she wanted.
I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she genuinely wanted to fuck ‘n suck Zane. After making sure he got real cleaned up first of course. Anybody with a pair of functioning eyeballs can see that Zane is hot as fuck.

But he was homeless at the time... and she basically decided she was gonna take him in and make him her bitch. She took advantage of his disadvantage.
She still does.
I also considered maybe she went after Zane to get back at Ty for never caving to her advances...

But it seemed like Ty was trying to play matchmaker by having Priss meet up with Zane in the first place...

Seems like Ty was just trying to be a nice dude and set her up with someone.
I think you should try out for a role in trailer park boys , a newfy christian that preaches to all the drunks and potheads carry your bible all over and dress respectfully

Why does he keep using the start of the stream on each video?

I mean I get it but FUCK.

Is he letting Priss edit his vids now? LMFAOOO!

I guess he just has to make every second count since Priss has had him out day laboring for months, he's gotta be super efficient with his filming/video time.

This is their new channel "Easy PZ Livin" where they'll be posting their van videos or whatever.

LMFAO look at that fucking cringe display picture...

What is that supposed to be his hand and her hand??


It literally makes me want to beat my face into the desk until I'm fucking dead.
I guess that's his hand on the left.
Who the fuck decided to make it "LIVIN"??

It's fucking stupid...

I bet it wasn't Zane.

You can tell by the way he said it at the beginning of this video that he thinks it's fucking retarded.
Because it IS fucking retarded.
From here on out if it's fucking retarded, I'm just gonna assume Prissywhipped is responsible for it.


Sifting through dirt.


I don't even think I'd watch a fucking supermodel sift through dirt.

I'm gonna go watch some other shit.
I miss Zane's hobo zest...

Maybe he'll stop bathing again once they get on the road.

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