Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
I hope Zane is okay.

Encountered an archetypal clone of his the other day...

Made me wonder if he's given up his spot on the ride?

Not very common to see one while the other is still alive/conscious.

Strangeness afoot. Dunno about you, but I've been around a tad, seen a fair bit of people...

Never seen one of Zane's archetype before him. The exact physical features, same manner of speaking, same sort of philosophy...

Maybe it's the same as when you drive a certain car, you suddenly see/notice them everywhere.

But the specifics of the situation gave me a feeling that it could be more than that...

Indeed, I believe something profound has happened...

Signs, symbols, temporal markers everywhere. I'm just trying to figure out if the change deals with a great many people, or if it's localized. I am feeling this was a broad change to the matrix.
It has to do with a whole lot more than Zane/the archetype. That it was used as a marker/sign within the specific parameters of the "crossing point" was more than a little bizarre, and one would be foolish to put it behind without examination. Of course there is more than one of every type out there... but some have more pieces of the oversoul in them than others do. Only so many pieces to go around... just saying. Yeah, anything is possible, but in the same token there are rules to this reality game.
I feel like zanes wife is to blame for all of us family losing zane. She must have really tormented snd terrified his hobo ass to the point where he just gave up and latched onto the first mexican broad willing to give him shelter like clint eastwood in them old westerns
He couldn't handle the pressure of her dying... we've discussed this ad nauseam. It basically drove him insane.
LOL. Speak of the devil...

They just uploaded a million year old video, I assume.

I dunno, I didn't watch it...

In the middle of something more important.
@5 min now its dawning on me why mexico has failed for so long. They still have notmastered basic tools. Just weaving and tacos
(Yesterday, 03:47 PM)Guest Wrote: @5 min now its dawning on me why mexico has failed for so long. They still have notmastered basic tools. Just weaving and tacos

And yanno heroin.
I watched it on double speed... seems like a really old video, who knows where they are now or what the state of their lives is. I don't really have any other observations or statements to make about it, there is just really nothing to say about a video like that.
The Key & Peele vid was fucking hilarious though!

Mr Obvious, it seems that Zane and Priss did make it to alaska. If you go to Zane's easy pz treasure hunters channel and look at the comments on the last video titled "panning paydirt how much gold did we get in the desert" you can see that Zane left a reply to a comment from username "The TattedTailor Scott" only a week ago about a job on a fishing boat sailing out of valdez alaska.
Thanks, Guest!

Yeah legend has it that Priss/Zane (or at least Zane) is currently in Alaska and unable to leave until the middle of 2020!


Who knows!


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