Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
I don't expect anything from Zane, and a lot of people out there who are actually capable of human compassion understand the severity of his situation and don't expect him to be some kinda fucking miracle worker either.

We are put here to survive...

That is an individual issue.

That's a cold, hard truth...

And every single hater in the building would push and shove anybody else over the tracks to survive if they were faced with a situation where they had to do so.

End of fuckin' story...

Know thyself, muhfuckas...

You are no better than Zane.
its kinda gut wrenching thinking about his situation
I think a lot of people have the zane 'disease' , that is they are very dissatisfied with the whole system . send your kids too a prison like structure for 20 years only to then be used by a corporation ,factory to do a tedious job for the last 40 years of vital life they have left
I wish it could be like 200 years ago all spread out farming our little piece of land no need for public schools and turning everybody into zombies
Very well said, Guest.
I think zane just needs a big animal to care for and maybe sleep in a barn with , he seemed happy with the donkey but you gotta get them when they are little. 


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