Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
I mean let's face it, he obviously did something to deserve this.
See, Zane is fun and exciting no matter what he's doing.

Like even in his current Prissywhipped state, if you put him on cam alone, he would still be entertaining.

But with her... or really just with anyone else, it's not as entertaining.

That was even the case in his former life, even when the people he was sharing the lens with were... uh, unique.

It still knocked off some entertainment points.

Zane is great alone...


Why can't he just be responsible and take care of himself by himself??

He can't though...

He cannot do it.

So to save his life, this Priss individual is... what it took.

And now it is what it is.
(05-18-2019, 07:45 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Like even in his current Prissywhipped state, if you put him on cam alone, he would still be entertaining.

But with her...

With her, it's boring and annoying.

It's annoying anytime she goes to say anything which is usually an interruption.

She says it so quietly that you can't even fucking hear her and then there are these seconds of awkwardness where Zane can't even figure out what the fuck she's saying even though he's right next to her.

Seems like she didn't get enough attention in childhood so she talks low volume so people will have to REALLY pay attention to her and even have her repeat herself too.

It's all psychological...

But with her it's a bunch of deep seeded games that aren't worth playing at all.

Like if you're somebody in her real life, yeah fine, sort it out with her if that's your karmic debt.

But on the internet, there is no place for that kinda shit.

Oil and water.

Doesn't mix, doesn't work, will always be separated, will never mesh together.
Zane was on the road to fame... like REAL fame. The kinda fame that, honestly, you don't wanna have to face. Because you're forced to make a decision between being good and being evil.

He went on a path where that's not what he'll have to face.

As long as he's with Priss, he'll be safe from that.

So I mean... as obnoxious and totally lackluster as she is on every level, she may be a blessing in disguise.
(05-18-2019, 07:50 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: obnoxious

She's obnoxious in her quietness and her underhanded forcing of attention on her...

Bear in mind this is something she's ALWAYS done, she's not doing it intentionally, she's just always done it since she was a kid.

She's obnoxious not in a loud way, but in a covert kinda way... in the same way she's forceful/uses physical intimidation.
Mister Obvious   

let's face it, he obviously did something to deserve this.

Ya think?!? 

Walking out on his 3 beautiful wonderful children and his wife (who adored him) with late stage Cancer. 

Yeah I would say so...

What about Priss tho? I don’t know her.
Ah yeah I dunno...

It could be a lot of things he did or didn't do, who knows.

As far as Priss, meh.

LOL, it's all a bunch of shrug and meh.

Zane's logic: put anything with a pussy in the thumbnail; expect views.

Oh my God dude... 0:05 fucking criiiiinge. You can tell she came up with that retarded name by how proud she is of it. LOLOL!!!

She makes Zane look tall!

They're so fuckin' fake in this video like I'm sorry but... people don't like that.


If you're trying to sell something on LOOKS, you need to fucking USE ZANE.


Oh my GOD.

And Zane for God's sake, why don't you cut the sleeves and the neck off that fucking shirt??

Show us your BODY you stupid fuck.

Not your fucking girlfriend.

Looks = Zane. Hair = Priss.

That's the score here.

FACE = Zane. Next best = Priss.

If you think looks are gonna win this van lifing game for you then you better get with the fucking program and use the right people.



ZANE is the one with a PERSONALITY.

ZANE is the one who isn't OFFPUTTING.

You two being fake as shit is gonna be failure.

I have no idea what the hell you think you're doing but it sucks.

This edited video is better than most of your vids showing Priss though because you can edit out all the awkward silence.

0:28 LMAO look how fucking fake.

0:40 nice music choice though.

1:18 it'll probably take them 40 years to do the renovating. They suck for pretending like they were ready to just go out the door and begin the adventure.

1:57 it's so weird how fake they're acting. And especially her though, like Zane not as much. But Priss is being wholly fake, you know how I can tell? Because she's trying to act like she's nice... and we know that couldn't be farther from the truth. I think Zane just loves cunt women who act and look like bitches.

2:30 "...Because my boyfriend can't legally drive!" LOLOLOLOL. Bwhahahahaha.

3:38 yeah... this is gonna take 100,000,000 years.

4:00 adjust the peddles?! LMFAOOO, how about just get a taller girlfriend... it's cheaper.

4:20 LMFAO they think she's such hot shit. It's so embarrassing. I'd blow a load all over her face, but that's about it.

I feel like Zane just needs to film some porno with Priss.

4:38 LOL Zane talking like he's gonna drive... I bet he'll convince her to let him at some point. You couldn't fucking pay me enough to go on a roadtrip with a woman driver. (Excluding myself.)

4:40 "Look at the sexy views" I guess she's talking about Zane. Too bad he never shows himself anymore. God knows he's the one everyone actually wants to see... LOL. Even the noobs will be more interested in him... what the fuck is he thinking.

5:28 is this when they reveal to us that Priss is knocked up?
@2:42 zane slows the speed so we can imagine the bestiality ...at least i did

0:01 there ya go, all eyes on Zane cuz he's the star of the fuckin' show.

Even with the editing, the awkward silence between them is still fucking horrible and grating.

It's usually a nails on a chalkboard kinda sound that you'd call "grating"... I've never felt like silence was "grating" before, but I guess you learn something new every day.

It just makes me cringe harder than hard whenever she introduces the channel. Ugh, my God.

Zane should be taking the reigns on the whole nine yards and doing all the talking...

If it's left up to her, everyone is just gonna be fucking totally repulsed by her fake overly try-hard tone...

Zane is the interesting and charismatic one, I can't fathom why in the actual fuck he's letting her take "control" of this (LMAO) and just totally bowing to her as if she's worthy of that or something.

Does he ACTUALLY want this channel to succeed or not??

Get CLOSER to the FUCKING CAMERA Zane, nobody can fucking SEE YOU. What the fuck is WRONG WITH YOU, MAN?

0:12 like the way he's looking at her while she's talking is SOOO weird like the way he's half giggling...

It's like he's not ACTUALLY listening to her and isn't ACTUALLY tuned in (who would wanna be) and can't place the reactions properly because of that.

My suggestion? Don't even try to. Quick, get the fuck up to Alaska and get your ass on a fishing rig.

0:28 way to summarize the shit out of that...

See this is what happens with people man, this is how IT HAPPENS.

You don't KNOW peoples' STORY, you only know what THEY SHARE.

These two fuckers, on this brand new channel, if you never fucking knew the story...

YOU'D HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA of the legendary, fucking amazing, straight up awe inspiring history of Zane.


And... BTW. You'd never be interested to see more either, because there's nothing here worth sticking around for.

I mean you can KINDA tell Zane is hot, but the camera is too far away from him, I guess in an attempt to share the lens with her (total mistake).

Like I said, she's not ugly but she's nothing to stick around for...

Zane is the only prayer of having anyone interested in this channel as far as noobs go.

Anyone left still watching Zane is only watching because they KNOW his story.

Without that history, there's gonna be absolutely no reason to stick around based on what these two are bringing to the table so far.

So yeah...

Zane, wear some more fashionable clothes hon. Show a lil more skin. Get the camera a lil closer to your face. Maybe show Priss's face at a downward angle SOMETIMES. That sort of 'POV/seconds before the cumshot' kinda angle works best on her.

0:36 Zane... sweet Lord in heaven. Hon. What the actual complete and total fuck happened to you? Does she have you on anti-depressants?? Are you fucking OKAY??

0:57 LOL at that forehead rub... we fuckin' hear ya, Zane, we fuckin' hear ya buddy. That's how we feel too.

Hey listen...

If you have a plan, which I'm REALLY starting to doubt...

My God... it better be the best one you've ever fucking had because you have a lot of making up to do for this shit.

Zane looks like he's got a lil gut on him now, and while it's better than looking like a meth addict, it does signal a touch of depression. That's what Zane starts to look like once he's been living a less than satisfying domesticated life for too long.

1:31 what?? Excuse you?? WHAT?? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is not Zane. Where is Zane. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM, WHERE IS HE. NO. NO!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU. FUCK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!! *kicking, screaming*

I mean if you go full screen which most people can't do cuz they're probably watching this shit on a mobile device, you can see that Zane is super good looking and has really pretty eyes. But the sun is blocking out like 1/4 of his face in this shot. I mean holy fuck you guys... what the fuck. Do better. Do fucking better.

It's even blocking his smile which is fucking gay and lame, oh my God. So Zane's most attractive qualities, face, smile, etc., they're all GLOSSED OVER in this fucking intro video, all we can really see without obstruction is Priss... fail. Are you ever gonna have the camera in your fucking face again Zane?? Do better. Do fucking better.

1:50 ugh, my God. You're not cute together... you really aren't. Your girlfriend is annoying, hon. It's not endearing, it's not sweet. It just looks like you're both hiding something and it's gonna rub people the wrong way. Furthermore? There's nothing you can do to change it.

Grow your hair out a lil bit Zane... that or you better start wearing more flattering shirts and show some fucking skin. Get with the fucking program.

2:18 I feel like... Zane is just thinking about something else whenever she's talking. Which is good, escape honey, just escape in your mind and someday you'll be free.

2:20 I meeean, kinda fucking hot how he's staring right at the camera right now, at least he's eye-fucking us a little bit because God knows nobody's listening to Priss or gives a fuck what she's saying at all.

Make it worth it for us, Zane, make it worth it for us.

I wonder what Zane is gonna say about his own life once this attention deprived body builder bitch gets done blathering on about hers.

I'm expecting it to be absolutely understated and totally sanitized.

2:25 "I've always wanted to get away" LMFAOOO look at how Zane reacts to that, look at his eyeballs. ROFL, he can totally empathize with the feeling of wanting to GET AWAY, geez, wonder why.

2:29 you should really look at her less Zane, when you do it fucking scrambles her brain and makes her even less able to communicate her point in an acceptible timeframe. I mean nobody's saying Priss is legit retarded, she obviously isn't, she's not "SLOW"... but she IS a Taurus, and yes that IS her ENTIRE fucking problem. Ugh. God. In a relationship with your opposite sign... why do you always feel the need to punish yourself in life on every level Zane??



2:47 oh my God.

What the fuck kind of sick shit is truly going on here?


See his eyes light up there...

Zane's eyes never lie.

He can't hide.

He can lie, but the eyes don't.

He couldn't control that even if he wanted to.

5:30 wow, that's disturbing. For once Priss said something interesting and valid... but of course not even from a standpoint of having ANY concept what the fuck she's actually giving away by saying it.

And Zane's response to her statement... disappointing to say the least. The most beautiful part? Really Zane? What's next, "Dumpster diving is beautiful" ... "Well it smells okay" ... "This bush isn't as prickly as it could be, come on I'll sleep on the bottom" ... "Meth is for winners, are you a winner or not?"

6:00 I just feel like these two are mismatched. They just don't go together. If Zane is trying to get views from dudes, then he should still be feeding himself to the camera, not her. She's fine, like maybe if she had her own shooting channel like she was originally gonna do, she'd have an audience who likes her. But put her and Zane together... and it's just absolutely dumb as fuck for anyone besides Zane to take the spotlight, take 80% of the lens, and do 80% of the talking.

She needs to do her own thing if she really wants to be on YouTube... just do it and get the fuck out of Zane's lens.

6:56 ugh God, how annoying. I would never want to be with a woman like that.


Dead Nana

K, good talk, I'm outta here.
yeah they need some editing no doubt ,lol

zane is a natural on cam(fairly rare)... and she is not-like most people

he seems to look over at her as if to get permission and that brings all of us into the awkwardsphere

she needs to learn her place as i don't think she understands how its coming off on the camera

and that will be a cold hard lesson not sure if the relationship can survive it , depends on size of her ego

she aint letting our hobo blossom into his full potential zaniness
(Yesterday, 04:38 PM)Guest Wrote: he seems to look over at her as if to get permission and that brings all of us into the awkwardsphere

Yeah... it's painfully awkward, and it sucks to pick up on that friction. I just don't get it.

(Yesterday, 04:38 PM)Guest Wrote: and that will be a cold hard lesson not sure if the relationship can survive it , depends on size of her ego

She has a massive ego...

On top of being vain (which is always born out of lack of confidence), she's got that body builder 'strutter' personality, and even besides that, she's a girl who thinks everything she does is "cute"...

They've come together to teach each other some pretty wank lessons that honestly nobody is excited about.
Nobody's excited about the lessons.

I'm not saying nobody's excited about what they're gonna do together.

It's just all the awkward shit, nobody's excited about seeing that.

Well would ya look at that, Zane's already illegally driving the van.

At least the right person is in the camera lens though.

1:50 I kinda feel sorry for Priss somehow, I can't explain it.
They're way more likely to get pulled over in that van than they are in whatever car she has.

Ripping the seats out and exposing the wheel wells is always the best part.

They better get that fucker fixed up fast...

Lil nervous seeing it taken apart.

This video is like 3 days old though, who knows what it looks like now...

Hopefully/probably a lot better.

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