Epic Legendary Commentary On YouTuber Zane Greene
Maybe all the idiots attracted to Slab City just type the same way though??

Because something just does NOT add up here.
i always was of the opinion that Zane could be a serial killer . He does fit the profile , many of them have very engaging personalities and can't get enough random human contact in fact they like it so much some of them eat it. Look he was raised by grandparent that's red flag number 1 .

Total serial killer vibes from whoever this Griz person is regardless.
I wonder what Priss and Zane are gonna name their illegitimate child??
Maybe it's twins, OMG!!!!!!!!!
Details around this situation are unfolding very slowly, so while we're waiting...

Keep it away from your face. Shake it as hard as you can. I dig the accent.
Bwahahahaha I KNOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What would it be like to TOUCH somebody that hot???

I checked back in on the Griz channel, and I can't understand what the fuck he's saying for the life of me.

I can understand it here and there but for the most part it sounds like a bunch of mumbling and I have no fucking idea what is even being talked about.

I still remain unsure of whether that's Zane or not, I mean there's basically no way to tell (at all) and there's no reason to think it is.

If I could understand what the hell he's saying then maybe I could make a better guess about it, but it's just not enough to go on and it makes no sense whatsoever.

That's my verdict on the situation, no idea... and don't even know what he's talking about, so there's no way to care about it either.

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