I dislike oral sex.
Keep your face out of my crawl...

And no, I do not want to suck your dick.

Oral sex is so boring and disgusting.

Time wasted that could have been spent fucking hard.

Having said that, I do find penii with intact foreskin about 64% more desirable for sucking.

And admittedly, I'll engage in oral sex. I will. But it's just...

So fucking boring and I'd rather be doing literally anything else.

I'd rather get a cavity drilled than suck a dick. Or receive oral.
I'm so fucking grateful to be single and alone so I don't have to put up with that stupid dick sucking bullshit.

Maybe someday I will secure a friend with benefits who's down with the program and will just come around SOLELY to fuck super hard, and then just leave.

Like, just come around... bang super hard, and then go. Just leave. That would be awesome.

I'm gonna write that one down and put it in my wish jar.
So when should i come over? ... Hey, cant blame me for trying.
I smile when I remember I posted this thread...

Giant Banana
methinks the lady doth protest too much Tongue

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