Brittany Venti: Controversial Streamer and YouTuber
Alright, it's time for Brittany Venti to have her own thread. Supposedly she was on this super long midterm elections coverage stream Styxhexenhammer666 hosted:

I clicked through it a little bit and never found anywhere she actually talked though. I thought it was interesting to see her on Styx's channel, a current events and politics haven.

This is one of Brittany's most memorable moments, arrested for exercising free speech in NY after being assaulted by Antifa:

Here is some prior discussion about Brittany:

(10-14-2018, 04:19 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: Wow... Amy Irving looks like a not fat Brittany Venti.

(10-14-2018, 05:13 AM)Trix Wrote: It’s weird cuz I’m subbed to her because she’s such a great troll, but I never watch her vids.

(10-14-2018, 05:17 AM)Trix Wrote: This is Brittany, for those who don’t know:

(10-15-2018, 09:07 PM)Trix Wrote:
LOL, I fuckin' love this chick.

(11-06-2018, 03:28 PM)Trix Wrote:

I should make Brittany her own thread...

I don't really watch her vids all that often but she is absolutely hilarious.

(11-06-2018, 03:32 PM)Dreamz Wrote:
she was always showing her globes on twitch when she gamed...she got trolled by chan
She's really great.
OMG here it is!!! Brittany on Styx!!!

Dude I ship Brittany and Styx so fucking hard...

Holy fuck. I freakin' love this girl.
I just looked it up and they're HELLA compatible intellectually and emotionally.

Sun sign and Chinese sign compatibility isn't that great...

But there are a lot of other factors in compatibility besides that.
LMFAOOO somebody in the comments was like "20 minutes about politics and she actually says almost nothing about politics."

Bwahahahaha pretty sure she wasn't invited to the hangout to talk about politics, LMFAO.

She was invited because she's Brittany Fucking Venti.
She's entertaining, the voice though
Awwwe, it's cuuute!!!
(11-07-2018, 06:59 PM)Trix Wrote: Awwwe, it's cuuute!!!


Brittany "Edgelord" Venti is a naughty girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even stand to watch this one on any level...

Ashton Whitty (ashtonbirdie) is a total psycho, to creepy levels.

She constantly tries to get attention on Twitter complaining that she isn't married/doesn't have kids yet (she's like 24, LMAO), and she always talks about suicide.

Apparently she got BakedAlaska feeling sorry for her and he invited her over, poor guy... apparently they've made the fastest engagement in the world.

He totally stuck his dick in crazy. Never stick your dick in crazy.

I feel bad for the dude... she is totally insane and not in a cute or interesting way.
I would enjoy strapping brittany to a medical table and injecting her with sodium pentathol then going live for wide open Q&A


3:43 oooOooooOooo burrrRrRrrrn.
I fuckin' love that girl.

Is this a sign that Brittany and Styx are meant to be together?

I shipped them long ago!!!
She looks like a younger Vanessa Berben with spectacular tiddies. nanarub
She does have some blessed chesticles, it’s true.
finally a woman that admits her role
so true when womens taken all the jobs

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