Have you ever been watching a YouTube video and...
Done some super weird intense shit, and the person in the video kind of fumbles at that exact moment or suddenly gets quiet and you almost get the feeling they sensed what you just did even though the video had already been recorded and shit?

Just me? Okay.
It happened to me twice today, and a couple times over the last few days... so like 4 times in total.

Every time it's a video where people are talking about psychic or intuitive stuff in the first place, so they're already super tuned in.

So both times it happened today, it was when I randomly clapped my hands super hard and screamed, "WOO!!!" (ROFL, I was excited okay?!)... the person in the video, honest to God, seemed to vaguely react. They stopped talking mid sentence or otherwise reacted.

The 2 times I experienced it previous was once when I sneezed, and I can't remember the other one. But today's experiences of this were way noticeable, whereas the other ones, it could have just been in my head.
I'm sure it's totally coincidence... BookWhip

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