1987 Train Ride to Coney Island

It’s just hard to believe it’s actually real.

I mean LOOK at these people.

And the way they’re acting.

I’m convinced there’s never been a time that humanity hasn’t been completely insane.

30 years ago. 1000 years ago. 100,000 years ago.

I’m almost certain they’ve always been this way.

This is what they ARE.

Since the beginning.

The videos on this channel were made by Nelson Sullivan...

Quote:On July 4, 1989, Sullivan died of a heart attack aged 41. He had quit his full-time job just three days prior to his death in order to produce his own cable television show of his footage.


His friend obtained his video collection after he died and he uploads them to YouTube.

The comments on this video say that his friend (Dick Richards) who used to upload these videos recently passed away and that's why there's been nothing new on the channel for a while:

I always find the pioneers of "Vlogging" very interesting.

Ricardo Lopez comes to mind... the guy who wanted to kill Bjork.

It's sad that all BasedShaman's reviews of his recordings are gone now.

Ricardo, or "Thicc Ric" as we lovingly called him on BasedShaman's videos...
I love old channels that I find that haven't had any traffic on them in year's. I've got a few pretty creepy one I sub to just hoping I'll get a notification one day and a new piece to a puzzle.

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