Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
OMFG I watched... relationship advice
lets break this down
she messaged him when she KNEW he was with someone
he messaged her back while he was with someone
they are both cheaters
and most importantly been together for 5 seconds, 5 seconds and in that time didnt even get to KNOW eachother before moving in RIGHT AWAY
not even 6 months people!!!!!

as someone who actually has a stable relationship for 100000 years now I cant even

is this real life?
(02-10-2019, 03:15 PM)Guest Wrote: she messaged him when she KNEW he was with someone
he messaged her back while he was with someone

You do raise a good point here, as it pertains to her own psychology...

She's always trying to warn people off from messaging Rich because it's ALWAYS WORKED FOR PEOPLE. LOL!

Like... no female messages Rich just to be 'friends' or keep things 'platonic' LMFAOOO!!!

And that's how he's found everyone he's been with since we've known him on YouTube... because they've messaged him.

So she knows that's how he meets people and replaces his current squeeze... it's just the truth, I'm not trying to be mean, everyone has their own way of meeting people.

When she messaged him, she knew he was taken, and regardless of what she says, she was messaging him out of romantic interest.

I guarantee from the beginning of messaging him her aim was to get him away from who he was with at the time...

And let's face it, that wasn't really a bad thing. He was in a frozen over hell in Ohio. It sucked... in basically every single way. I'm glad she pulled him out of there...

But let's not ever pretend that wasn't her intention from the beginning, so I'm just saying... it's more of this judgey kinda behavior going on. It gives a condescending air to what they do and I really feel like that detracts from the potential enjoyment of watching them.
I mean at the end of the day it is what it is and things worked out for both of them (for now anyways)
but man thats a bad way to meet, not on youtube but flirting with him while he was taken, will she ever be able to get rid of that paranoia, that nagging thing in the back of her mind of "who is Rich talking to?!" its just a really bad foundation to start shit on, how can there be trust, if he did that to her man, you bet your ass that it will repeat (and we have already seen that he has done that many many many times over, Rich is that person who cant be alone, doesnt even close a relationship properly before jumping to the next, time alone between people is golden, I choose to be alone for 3 yrs before I found my guy, best thing I ever did! I dont wish ill on them but if it does fall apart I hope to God he learns gets his own place and enjoys his own company for more than 12 hours, be a bachelor, date, have fun, get to KNOW the person first shesh)
the sad thing here is that they BOTH think we are all fools who dont KNOW this and then try and give us relationship advice lol, come off it

oh shit that was funny when she was going on about how they meet when she messaged him "her buddy Rich" yeah yeah woman, you just wanted to be friends, thats not how things work lol again she thinks we are dumb

I gotta be honest here Im 100% they wont make it past 3 yrs, I am certain of it, its too messy
hope he stays in AZ thou cos it does look good on him, he looked miserable in the snow, Im a total snowbunny myself :)
Three years is a long time to make it... for people who go from person to person so effortlessly like we've seen Rich do. 3 years would be like a crazy longterm relationship for him LOL.

In my opinion, relationships are hard enough as it is without bringing inherent insecurity into the picture, based upon how you both met and whatnot.

Ya gotta let it go... it sounds bad, but I tell people, you just gotta not care that much. Not that you don't love the person, not that you don't want to hang onto them... but anything you hold on too tight to will just end up slipping through your hands. It's one of those strange ironies of life.

I will say this though... if Rich doesn't find some way to stay in shape, he will not be happy. They should find a way to exercise together or something. Some couples like to do that. I'm not into boring exercise like lifting weights and all that stupid shit. In AZ summer, you gotta have AC if you're gonna be walking around anywhere. At least that's what I've heard. They live near a ton of awesome shit, they should go walk at the mall everyday like old people. That's my kinda shit.
Of course hiking (not anything too crazy) would be the ultimate in walking exercise...

Maybe they should just brave the heat. Is that a thing?? They could wear wide brimmed hats and sweat a lot.

Sweating is good for you.

I dunno, I'm just trying to problem-solve here.
I havent even been to Arizona. I imagine I would just straight up die in the spring heat, summer HA, I anit even alive LOL
"Ya gotta let it go... it sounds bad, but I tell people, you just gotta not care that much. Not that you don't love the person, not that you don't want to hang onto them... but anything you hold on too tight to will just end up slipping through your hands. It's one of those strange ironies of life."

100% true!!!!!!!
Me and my guy went thru that weirdo jealously paranoid stage, fuck one night he came home late and I threw his cell in the toilet (blaming the pisces here cos ya know an aries would never lol) it was really miserable, he did the same shit to me too, he would stalk my laptop...
100000 years on its just pure trust, I havent been that overbearing pitbull for years and its awesome, that is love
you cant have love without trust, you just cant
and I didnt even have anything to base my crap on, sabrina and rich have actual reasons to not trust the other, you dont think rich isnt a little worried about who she is messaging too, of course he does, cos she did it to him!

how we got over that I dont even remember to be honest, I think it just came with time

I just straight up unsubscribed from Rich after clicking onto another one of his readings that right off the bat didn't resonate at fucking all.

Like no...

I'm not arguing with anyone Rich. I don't have any beef with anyone, there's no negativity in any of my relationships...

I feel like he's just either projecting his outer or his inner world in all these readings.

Either way, the shit doesn't resonate, and I don't find him and Sabrina interesting. There's literally no reason to be subbed.

Everybody let me know if anything remotely interesting happens.
The most interesting thing about Rich is this thread!!!!!!!!!

Yeah they never resonated once for me either, not ONCE and I watched sun, moon and rising
I signed up after watching his rants about the signs, those I enjoyed and agreed with, but his tarot nah
I have my readers and he anit one (neither is tylers tarot that shit is so love drama always boring, 3rd party this 3rd party that, are that many people out there cheating?!!!!!)

seems like everyone else is in the same boat as us, 214 subscribers on Rich and Sabrina outside the box, not surprised
we just dont find her interesting
maybe thats a good thing, watch it before bed when you cant sleep lol
funny that they thought all the 6000000000 billion subs would go over to join them, yeah nope, thats as much as a fail as Sabrinas own channel

This is Guest #2 who used to be Guest #1, to differentiate from current Guest #1. I bailed on Rich a month ago, he bored the crap out of me & his readings no longer resonated with or impressed me. And yep, your thread, MO, is way more interesting than Rich & Sabrina! BTW, no way do I see them making it no three years. I give them a year & a half tops & even that may be way too generous--it'll be interesting to see if they'll still together for Christmas! A hasty foundation made of sand, as usual...
You guys are so nice to say that the thread is entertaining. I really appreciate it... I love commentating on YouTubers. I see that YouTube/the internet 'celebrity' in general is the NEW hollywood, the new movies, the new TV. So I think it is important for these popular content creators to be discussed, and for there to be a place where they can be discussed. They're public figures and they put out their material to a global audience... it is natural to discuss these current events.
I wouldn't worry about Rich being used. He gets plenty from these relationships. He gets a plane ticket to Arizona, a serious upgrade from huddling miserably in that NY bus station. He gets a nice place to stay, a late-model SUV to drive & let's not forget, hot sex! He may lack wisdom in allowing his personal life to spill over into his business but so far he must consider it worth it for what he receives in return.
(02-12-2019, 05:00 PM)Guest Wrote: hot sex!




Big Nanarub

Uh oh, looks like we've got another seemingly straight, hotass tarot dude on the meteoric rise?!

10K subs today, 100k subs in 6 months!!!

He's not really my kinda shit, but he's definitely fine...

And he's got a pretty bitchin' filming setup.
Not that this is a competition or anything.

My only point in posting other hot straight tarot dudes is that Rich should understand he's not alone in this game...

Women watch him because he's hot, not to see his girlfriend...

He's had momentum on his side and she's dumped ice water on it, that's my opinion.

No one should be weighing down Rich's rise during this season of hotass straight dude tarot readers ascending to prominence.

Whatever happens happpens though...

Life is all a bunch of karma/cause/effect and it is what it is. It all happens the way it does out of mysterious necessity.
Guest #2 here commenting on Guest #1's post--I enjoy reading your take on Rich & his current "roommate," BTW.
Re your statement, "Rich is that person who cant be alone, doesnt even close a relationship properly before jumping to the next"...yes, so true but I'm thinking maybe Rich views relationships a little differently than we do. For him they appear to be first & foremost a meal ticket, a plane ticket, a place to stay, free room & board, basically a new "mama" who's gonna take care of him for a while. Rich does not take on the role of a traditional male--he's not the main breadwinner nor even an equal contributor. It's usually the woman supporting him; often he doesn't even have a job. At one point up there in Maine he admitted tarot was his only source of income. He regularly told us, "Your donations help more than you know!" His job at the car wash had obviously come to an end.
I forgot to mention Rich's new hairstyle, encouraged no doubt by Sabrina. I like it, I think it's an improvement over his former greasy-looking "do."
Yeah you know, I saw a new video/thumbnail from Rich in my recommended section the other day and I had the thought that his hair looked pretty good, but I didn't care enough to click it.

I'll check it out now though...

It was this one.

Definitely Sabrina 'taking care' of him.

She's mothering the shit out of him...

Which is fine. I mean she is a beautiful woman and seems nice.

So it's not like it sucks to be him or anything.
No, LOL, not that one, what was he thinking with that bedhead?!!
I don't know how to post a video or a pic here; I'm on a smartphone instead of a computer & can't see anywhere on my screen to add either.
Check out his Gemini February 15-28 video & you'll see what I'm talking about...his hair is a definite improvement.

Oh wow, I see what you're saying now!!! Definite improvement.

I always wondered what was the deal with his hair though...

Seemed like he tried to make it slicked and greasy looking on purpose.

I guess that's a style or something, maybe grunge.

Maybe Sabrina is gonna transition him out of grunge.

I wonder what Rich would look like in a dress shirt and a suit jacket?

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