Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever
LMFAOOO I fucking CANNOT imagine Rich having sex.

Truly. I fucking cannot imagine it.
There aren't a whole shitload of people I can't imagine having sex...

There have been some over the years, but not a whole lot.

Rich is one of them.
Like I just CANNOT imagine it.
Despite his 70 different girlfriends (maybe a low estimate) and the fact that he's literally reproduced...

I'm still not convinced he's really ever had sex.
I was checking out one of Rich’s livestreams and he’s actually got a great mod working the chat, I was impressed. I know good modding when I see it.
(05-06-2019, 01:59 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I'm still not convinced he's really ever had sex.

Maybe it’s because all the chicks have sex WITH HIM and he doesn’t ACTUALLY DO anything.

Because I mean think about it... if the chicks are willing to do all the work and you don’t have to lift a finger, then why would you really?

I bet that’s what it is.
You leave me alone for a day and a night in a room with a hotass dude who expects me to get on top, and I’m coming out of there with my born-again virginity still intact.
(05-07-2019, 08:31 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: a hotass dude who expects me to get on top

The mere expectation and his unwillingness to lay the pipe would render him totally unattractive to me anyway, regardless.
And every now and then I remember Rich has a foot fetish and I’m just like WTF.

I wonder what he does with a nice pair of lady feet when he gets them in his clutches.

TBH as weird as that is, it’s still not as repulsive as expecting women to get on top.

32:00 - 33:40 he's exactly right.
This is the fan girl Rich will be ‘reluctantly’ moving to meet up/live with next:
She’s pretty hot...

You can tell she has a strong personality.

I certainly wouldn’t wife it, but I’d hit it and quit it...

Especially if I was Rich, because she’d just be another one of the many.
(05-08-2019, 10:59 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I certainly wouldn’t wife it, but I’d hit it and quit it...

And run like hell. She’s a tad creepy for some reason. She just seems like kind of a lot.

She lives in Seattle and that’s where Rich said he wanted to go next so he’s already got it lined up... he’s such a calculating manwhore!

He better start liking that whacky weed a lil more... maybe this chick can help him have a better experience with it.
For some reason she kinda reminds me of Emma from EWU Crew...

I bet they’re the same sign or share some of the same main signs.

But Emma is like a holy cherubic angelic creature and this chick is like...

Eat your soul level. She’d definitely be fine with Rich’s “get on top or there’s no sex” policy.

He's right.
Forget Rich, Im in LOVE with your videos!!!!!!!!! ...and that flower headband *swoon*
It takes a real woman to go it alone out there, Im so in awe right now <3
I would be scared shitless TBH
You are my idol!!!
Thank you hon, I appreciate those lovely compliments.

It’s very fun to go out there and travel alone... better than traveling with people because you get to do whatever you want and nobody else has to be considered, LOL!

But in general, it’s just great to travel whether you’re alone or not... seeing/experiencing these places is priceless.
True! LOL

Oh I agree, I love nature, put me outside stick me next to a tree and Im happy
My mom is very adventurous we used to camp alot as kids, fuck she even had us in a tent when it snowed (didnt enjoy that one lol)
under the stars at hidden beaches was my fav, she dated this surfer dude for a few years, he knew all the totally empty secret beaches

Have you ever had any crazy animal encounters?
Im scared of seeing a bear cos I know I will just want to go up and hug it HAHA

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