Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
(05-10-2019, 01:15 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Sandy’s a great reader but she made me suspicious...

So flick through all of em, type your sign, Aries horsy KNEEEYYYY LOL
Then sort by time, most is LOLLLLL weirdo peeps with funny thangs LOL then you find one that resonates.
Its kinda odd, but then its kinda not, but then you taught me special one :)
Speaking of tarot and gay guys, are you sure Hopps tarot isnt? I dunno
the way he talks and the hand gestures makes me wonder
hey he changed the name of his YT channel
Jesse Bloomfield
Yeah Jesse has his own thread.

I don't think he's gay...

I admit he's a tad questionable in that arena though.

But he's had about as many GFs as Rich has, from the sound of it.
Off to watch his hands
(05-10-2019, 05:47 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: lewl

lulz lillith you dark bitch!
It's hard to receive a compliment from you, but I'll take it. Begrudgingly.
(05-10-2019, 05:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's hard to receive a compliment from you, but I'll take it. Begrudgingly.

That's a hell of a thing for you to say to me :)

*raises brow*
He might be bismexual at the most.

I don't really think so though.

I think he likes chicks... slutty chicks.

I'm not like insanely attracted to him but I'd definitely let him fuck me super hard.

If Rich wasn't decent looking, he'd be fucked in life.

ESPECIALLY if he never talked about esoteric topics on any level.

If he was ugly but he still talked about esoteric topics, he'd probably be fine.

But without that? *shakes head*

Nobody could ever accuse him of being a rocket scientist...

Of course drinking alcohol isn't gonna help your stomach bug.

If he does take kratom every day like he said, then he really should consider whether that could be making him feel sick.

A lot of people say kratom helps them, but just as many people say it makes them feel sick re: nausea etc.

6:33 hates ranch, hates sour creme. Includes sushi in a list of "weird" things that "most people don't like" along with ANCHOVIES...


Why am I even still subscribed.

9:30 at least he likes shrooms... the only thing we can apparently agree on so far in today's video.

10:10 you put anchovies on it and you will be eating it by yourself. The thought of defiling a pizza with anchovies. Now don't get me wrong, I have purposely ordered pizza with anchovies before, and no I don't hate it. But it's something you do like maybe once every 6-8 years.

I feel as though perhaps Rich should just find a nice chick (AN ACTUAL NICE CHICK) to settle down and get fat with.
Reply read the chat :O
First of all that bitch is fucking gorgeous but not in a way where I’m tripping over her as a girl. Cuz I have a few chick bitches that I trip over and think are gorgeous, but I don’t feel like that about her.

She looks so familiar... years ago there was a blonde chick on YouTube who looked a lot like her. I can’t remember her name for the life of me but she was super gorgeous and SO funny. I feel like maybe she had an English accent or she was Australian or SOMETHING.

This Bloom chick seems standoffish toward Rich in the chat. That’s my impression of the interaction so far. It’s sort of strange.
And it’s not “hard to get” or “too cool for school” because Big Rich is there or whatever...

It’s some other type of standoffishness.
6:30 I meeean...

I fuckin’ dig Rich’s hair suggestions for her, I gotta say.
10:00 I like that she has a towel over her chair, I keep a towel over my chair...

For obvious reasons...


But yeah I like that chick more than I like Rich, easily.

I wouldn’t trust her or kick it with her, but for Rich it’s fine.

He knows he’d be lucky to get a piece of that and from the looks of that chat he’s totally obsessed with her.

TBH if I was her I’m not sure I’d truly be down with fucking him.

On one hand I feel that way, and on the other hand I ship it and think they should make babies and be together until they’re elderly.
I think it’s a blanket on the chair. I keep a bath towel on my chair because sometimes I like to sit around naked or at least without underwear and I stay in a constant state of arousal because of all these YouTubers I watch. It has to be easy to clean.
Rich leaves when she starts reading and doesn’t come back...

He’s just looking for some ass. Typical manwhore.

I partly hope she rejects him or just keeps him cucked...

She was disappointed he left too, after all, how many of Rich’s stupid videos have we sat through til the end?

You low key suck Rich.

I mean I’m sure they text each other and everything, but it still says a lot about his intentions.
(05-15-2019, 12:20 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: TBH if I was her I’m not sure I’d truly be down with fucking him.

I just say this because...

It would depend on my sexual history if I was her.

Just for example...

For myself, I don’t think I’d ACTUALLY do the wild thing with Rich if presented the chance, forget all the shit I’ve talked. I talk a lot of shit about a lot of people and things and I should really stop. But yeah. I’ve only been with a few people and I feel like he’s been with a lot of people and is carrying around some unappetizing juju.

A lot of chicks will talk a line of shit or maybe even act or present kinda slutty when they really haven’t been at all...

If I had to guess, I’d say that’s her case. But if I’m wrong and she’s slutted it up, then it’d probably be okay to fuck him, but she better make him test first. You can buy HIV test kits online for cheap enough for there to be no excuse.

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