Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever
Yeah I thought she was not necessarily single but just alone in her vids.

She doesn't come off to me as the straight up porno type.

But yeah dude you have a point like...

20% of the people who watch her dirty vids would ever click into her tarot vids and out of them like 10% MIGHT come back again.

I give her props for doing it all under one alias though I mean fuck...

Guy in the vid or not
at the end of the day shes too good for Rich, end of story, he is a gross using manwhore (If you need proof just go back and read/see all his exes on here lol)
I watched a vid of hers for the first time and actually she is a pretty decent reader
She is pretty good, I agree. I just don’t need anybody new to watch.
You dont even need to tell me I have so many damn bookmarks I cant keep up

even this cat, man hes cute LOL
(05-21-2019, 02:20 AM)thatguest Wrote:



That’s some next level shit.

You wanna talk about down the rabbit hole.
Combining cats and tarot?

I’m afraid of someone who is that genius.
That’s like ultimate internet Kryptonite.

At least in present day/2019 it is.
Oh it gets better he has his OWN cat tarot cards!

his widdle hand grabbing the cards oh ma gawd
I mean come on that is the cutest thing online
The cats are gonna be calling their mothership one of these days...

When the humans make ‘em read tarot on top of the typical bizarro shit they have to put up with already...

Phone home.

Sounds like Rich isn’t stoked about Idaho...

Doesn’t really get any better either.

I never found Idaho inviting...

Gets absurdly hot in the summer and the mosquitos can bite through leather.

I’d rather be... pretty much anywhere else.

He should get out of there soon.
And if he has to line up another chick to get out of there then he should.
Things were great when he first got to where he is now... the vibes were fairly high.

Now it seems to be coming down the other side.
(05-21-2019, 12:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Things were great when he first got to where he is now... the vibes were fairly high.

Now it seems to be coming down the other side.

Well yeah. His roommates are being charged with the death of their son while Rich is having a good ole time in the boy’s bedroom. Freedom just got damp. The aqua is probably lining up his next “soulmate” as we speak. Wonder where to next. Hope this isn’t karma ...
Rich just needs to get out and let destiny take its course in that situation.

Some things are too disturbing to even have in your life, especially when it ain't your cross to bear, and none of that is Rich's business.

I think it's time for him to move along.
You can't just go on living in a house where something that terrible and traumatic happened...

They all need to get out of there.

And Rich needs to be the fuck alone if he can't find more acceptible people to be around.

Sabrina is the most high quality person I've seen him with yet, although I suspect his Maine GF was on the same level.

He just needs to raise the fucking vibe...

I don't know how things seemed so bright and happy when he first got to where he is now.

But that ain't the case anymore man.

He's always tired, always low key sick now...

Just gives bad feels.
Hopefully he doesn't just stick around because he thinks it would 'look bad' to leave now because 'the going got tough'.

Rich doesn't owe anybody anything (he really doesn't) and it's time to do what's best for his own damn self.

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