Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever
Trix, if you check out the chat in Rich's Gemini Feb 15-28 video, Sabrina Angel is all up in it. She has appointed herself the moderator. She is "in charge" & commenting right & left, & she is just off camera as Rich does the reading. You can hear her voice at the beginning & when he glances off to the side more than once during the video, you know he's looking in her direction. I find this so annoying! It was the same with Audra--these women always have to be up in his business, literally!
It reminds of how John Lennon used to bring Yoko Ono with him to the Beatles' practice sessions & she'd sit there beside him as they played. I don't think his bandmates were too keen on her being there--after all, they didn't bring their own girlfriends & wives to the sessions.
I know...

She's like invaded his readings...

I was surprised in that Gemini video how comfortable she had become with being all audible and shit.

It's unfortunate...

The glory days of Rich's tarot readings were his beginnings in Maine, simply because he was left to be completely himself, uninterrupted.

There were no dang women. There were only cats, and they did distract him a lil every now and then... I'd rather have their interruptions than the interruptions of another person.

Ol' Rich, always surrounded by that pussy.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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