Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
(09-17-2019, 03:26 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Bio compat between her and Rich looks pretty damn fucking high if her b-day really was the 14th...

Astro compat between them looks like a bunch of lusty, doomed trash.

Hopefully he'll just keep his dick in his pants.

I wouldn't wanna deal with a chick like that, you're way better off with Cheetah.

He WILL NOT find a chick who actually loves him more than Cheetah does.
(09-17-2019, 03:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: He WILL NOT find a chick who actually loves him more than Cheetah does.

I just mean as far as sheeple go...

A lot of people might disagree with me that Rich is a sheeple, but in my view he absolutely is a sheeple.

If he's "woke" at all, it's the lowest rungs of woke.

You can know stuff about the esoteric and still be a sheeple.

Not saying Rich doesn't have valuable knowledge but... he's also kind of ignorant.

And as far as calling Cheetah a sheeple, well, for some reason I feel like it rings less true with her because she's not in a position where it really matters if she's a sheeple or not. Her job isn't talking to people about spiritual esoteric matters, she's just a chick dating a dude. She's cute, she's fun, she's sweet, she's fine. Who cares.

But if Rich screwed up and lost Cheetah, because of something HE did wrong... that'd be regrettable. For him.

TBH though, it wouldn't surprise me if Rich was too dumb to recognize that. Maybe dumb isn't the right word... I wanna say 'oafy'. But that's like not even a word. He's just sort of... buffoon like.

Gonna say it right now...

The hotter the chick, the worse the problems.

Cheetah is more than enough for Rich...

That girl cares a lot. And I just hope he does right by her.
As far as this other chick goes...

Who the hell is friends with who here??

Is Cheetah REALLY friends with her??

Like, for how long??

Where the hell does it even say that they ARE friends???

It just says she's a FAN?


So what, is this individual attempting to get in good with Rich, in the middle of his relationship??

Is she using Cheetah as an in?? Or is that not even part of it at all?

Because this shit stinks sky high of trouble, and that's about all there is to it.
Because if I was Cheetah and Rich just suddenly got invited to this "fan's" birthday party...

And he wanted to go?


KNOWING that he's NOT that social?? He's REALLY NOT.

Well I'd be suspicious as fuck.
I'd shut that shit down hard and honestly I would probably just go ahead and dump him because he's clearly a waste of time.
You show me your true colors like that early on and you are fucking finished.
The fuck up out my life bitch...

It's honestly a fucking embarrassment to their relationship for him to even be pictured with her if I'm being totally frank...

Where are the pics with Cheetah??

None that I see...

Just a pic of Rich with this... individual, and a pic of Rich playing guitar alongside some dude:

And look at the look on Rich's face and his posture and shit...

Totally showing off.

Are we gonna end up hating this fucking guy instead of just thinking he's a simple idiot??

Cuz I am not liking what I see here.
So he gave her some merch...

When can we expect a slutty pic of her wearing Rich's face to be featured??
That's why it F sucks that the video he posted on his rich indigozone (youtube) was deleted because we see a lot more there 

At the beginning, Cheetah explain that the girl is HER friend and has been for quite some time but was also a FAN of Rich for a while ...

I wanted to post it here but wasn't quick enough I guess lmao
It speaks volumes that it was deleted...

Maybe Cheetah is just really secure. You never find chicks like that. Maybe they’re swingers...

Dry Heave

livestream now and cherish the girl friend (picture) is now a mod and in chat ….
She's been subbed to Rich for 8 months...

I wouldn't let my "GF's friend" be a mod in my chat...

What a terrible idea, LOL!


Looks like there's more togetherness in their future if you ask me.
If she lives over in Cali, maybe not though.
Apparently they were in Laguna Beach like 5 days ago and that's over 4 hours away from where they live so if that's where this chick lives then they should basically never see each other.
I mean NOOO shade to Cheetah because she is awesome TBH...

But Rich is NOT a catch.

If things didn't work out I just wouldn't recommend being too sad about it.
LMAO that's a good advice!

I think Rich is a good way to learn some tremendous lessons for her and I hope for her sake that she learns them

She doesn't have a job yet though ….

She "helps" him for his work. Bizarre after having 3 interviews back in Idaho LOL

I'm sure it's really not easy to get a job out there.


I'd make Rich pay for everything.


He's gotta learn to be a man somehow.

And if he couldn't pay for the apartment and support us?


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