Inspirational Nomad: Be Free and Live Your Dream Now
This guy has a great channel with some really good motivational videos. He's got plenty of money, but chooses to live the free roaming nomad lifestyle...

He has an amazing attitude and outlook.

(08-07-2018, 07:41 PM)Trix Wrote:

(10-07-2018, 08:32 PM)Trix Wrote:
He's so right.

Today he released a video (one of his livestream/long broadcasts) with a great summarized message...

Do it WHILE YOU CAN. Do it NOW! Be who you are. Be free. Live your dream NOW.

He's very wise. Your health and your ability (physically, intellectually) are your greatest gifts.

This guy is so wise, so grateful for him.

This is a successful man.
God bless this man.

Love him, he brings up so many absolutely excellent points.

Just beautiful. This guy's attitude and outlook is such a blessing.
I think im going to buy a 150 dollar Truck Trailer
Im so gunna start a very very tiny home thing. I might try camping in it this summer
with bunch of sustainable solar and wind turbine. Gunna make a kewl stuff
and hit up provincial parks and ya. is my plan. smoke so much green along the way too- yeeeeeee
I find it difficult to believe he really lives in his car , he appears fresh and showered and healthy glow to skin not what i expected . I can't imagine living in a vehicle unless it was with a very seductive dynamic lady. This dude is alone and likes it , that is hard to imagine for most people .

Love this guy, he's totally right on. He's totally brilliant.

These are my favorite kind of videos that he makes. Short and sweet...

Every second loaded with insight and wisdom.

All his videos are great but I don't really enjoy watching livestreams that much.

This guy really has so many great points and he's so right.

He's absolutely right, I completely agree with him.

I absolutely agree with him on this. Every point he made was totally right on.

This guy is totally right on.

This guy speaks from the heart dude. Inspiring as fuck.

So well said, he's super wise... this is the way to live life.

Epic truthiness in this video, totally excellent!!!

He's right. I think this kinda challenge is a good thing.

6:00 to me, watching the decay of your surroundings, the necessitation of upkeep, the dust and the breaking appliances and components, the surrounding nature constantly trying to overtake your home... well, frankly it's depressing. It FEELS like RESISTANCE to keep a home. Like you're constantly fighting time, and nature. And I don't think it's healthy (in any way) to live like that.

When you live mobile, you get a new "house" whenever your vehicle has to be replaced. You move around a lot, you see new places and people, you have rich experiences. You have something to look back on and SHOW for that passed time. But when you live in a fixed area... it's just not like that. It's not natural. That's my opinion.

This video is full of excellent points from start to finish.

He's so right, such an important message... God bless.

2:17 I agree with him about leaving people behind and avoiding resentment.
I found on the ebay 10,000 bucks for 10acres..
already dreaming of building a fortress...
need to win me some cash- or start webcaming
or get a dishwasher job.

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