Country Music Fans Targeted In Mass Shooting: 12 Dead
28 year old Ian David Long is said to have shot randomly into the crowd killing 12 before allegedly killing himself.
(11-08-2018, 12:15 PM)Trix Wrote:

Sage just removed his brand new video about it and I didn’t even get to watch the whole thing...


Wonder what he said?
So I had the video open on another tab and it’s still playing for me...

Rub Hands

Sage says the ciub was NOT random and it was chosen because it was Country night at the club.

He says that it’s obvious that Country music and its fans are being targeted by left wing nutjobs due to the Vegas shooting and now this shooting. He says the Vegas shooter had Trump derangement syndrome and that was his real motive, but the press would never admit it.

He also says that country music chicks are hotter than rock music chicks because they’re more feminine...


He’s right!

I think he deleted the video because he misspoke in one tiny area... this is why he needs to edit his videos instead.

He made a great point when he said that they’re destroying part of our culture on purpose because people are going to be afraid to go to country music concerts.
Dinosaur media will probably talk about this for like 5 minutes...

The victims were probably mostly straight, white college kids, so the media doesn’t give a fuck because they can’t use the story to fit any of their narratives.
Apparently some of them were "survivors of the Las Vegas shooting"...

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