The Cost Of Fame: Billie Eilish, Same Interview, One Year Apart
Could you imagine being a teenager listening to this total crap today??

LMAO... sad enough as it is without this weaponized sound mindfucking you to wanna get face tattoos and slit your wrists.
It's soooooo fucking dumb.

I mean it's just weird and evil, right on its face...

But beyond that it's an infinitesimal step above mumble rap.

At least mumble rap is so dumb it's funny though.

Don't get it twisted, I'm not actually watching these videos or listening to this music, I'm just skipping through it...

It's all a bunch of obvious symbolism about sex slavery, particularly of white chicks to black dudes, and in this vid it shows them BOTH being puppets. Like neither one of them are actually free, they're being forced on each other.

This one is an obvious allegory for unwanted pregnancy probably out of rape, and forced abortion that they love to perpetrate on their monarch program/mind controlled sex-kitten slaves.

Again, both songs, just total trash... this second one is even lyrically ripped off from other long past popular songs. It's just... pathetic.
I can't believe THESE people are the mega famous of today...

Like holy fuck.

Society has just taken a massive shit.

It's just...


I'd NEVERRR recognize ANYYY of these people.

I wouldn't even recognize this chick in public after seeing her in these vids...


It's hard to tell if she is actually that talented or not because she barely even opens her mouth when she sings...

Regardless, this banal dogshit "music" is a total waste of any talent she may possess.

The lyrics are just total garbage and there's absolutely nothing remarkable about any of it.
It's not like Vanity Fair would have done that interview in the year delay style in the first place if they didn't know she was going to be served up as a sacrifice.

It's so in your face, how can people be fooled by any of it??

Oh that's right... people are total fucking morons.
They'll be harvesting loosh from this Billie bitch for decades after they've killed her off...

It's so easy to tell.
Her sound is elevator pop

Same boring sound as brittany and maddona...those who like this are truly sheep
Yeah but it's like...

They weren't setting Madonna and Britney up to be walking decaying dead people and blasting them to fame (mostly on social media) solely for the purpose of killing them off later.

The CLEAR PLAN FROM THE BEGINNING with popstars like Brit etc. wasn't to degrade them to the point of being total zombies paraded in front of the whole world until they finally put them out of their misery.

I mean...

They're getting more and more evil with their use of these puppets, a lot more violent and just... nasty and stupid than it used to be.

It's literally NASTY.

I mean eventually they'll literally be flinging shit in their music videos and rubbing actual shit all over their bodies.

If this continues, that's the projected direction, LMAO.

Mark my fucking words.

Operation Degradation...

There's just no way it could ever be more obvious.

Seems like she's doing less of the bad drugs...

Looks healthier in the face and seems like maybe she's gained weight which definitely means no bad drugs.

I think her music is retarded and her style is fugly, but I still wouldn't want her as a fellow human being to be addicted to drugs and all sad 'n shit.

Fucking unbelievable she's only 17...

Fame before adulthood ain't a good thing.

7:15 LOL fuckin' NWO sellouts... *shakes head*

And we're supposed to be sad that we're not mega famous billionaires??

I don't think so man... I don't think so.

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