Full Version: I don’t even consider “sites” that only work on mobile apps to be “the internet”
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(01-08-2019, 05:23 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]

That's awesome...

I think the gray parts of that should be shades of brown instead though.

Is there a way to customize that part of the colors?

I get that we're making the templates automatically so they'll be bearable to read or whatever, but that shit would get on my nerves if there was color that I couldn't change.

I get that the "sysop" can change the shit but can every other user have the same ability?

I'm not telling you it needs to be any different than it is, it's YOUR software... I'm just saying it's little stuff like that which would make it less enjoyable.


The whole page will be the profile owner's theme colors. That's just a static mockup.

It's so inspiring.

Will you be running a site with this software as an example of how it works, or for your own enjoyment?
I know you've said you wouldn't wanna run a forum again, but come on man!


(01-08-2019, 05:53 PM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]Will you be running a site with this software as an example of how it works, or for your own enjoyment?

My hosting and domain names expire in a few days, so I won't be running anything for awhile. I don't even know if I'll have this ready to demo in time.

Here it is with the theme applied.


If I can manage to get my stuff out of storage, I may run a site on my Raspberry Pi with a dynamic DNS redirector. Underground sites are kinda meant to be run on a home computer anyway.

One thing I liked about AOL was how the chatroom lists and file lists always had a "More" button to fetch more results. Nowadays, that kind of thing is usually done with the infinitely scrolling page that loads more items when you hit the bottom of the page. That's not quite as satisfying as pumping the "More" button and seeing more results squirt out though. I'll probably add that in a later version. For now, I went ahead and made a paginator class for the modules that will need one.
TBH I think endless scrolling is a fucking scourge.
(01-08-2019, 06:35 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Here it is with the theme applied.

Oooo, hell yeah!!!

Big Nanarub

Arf!!! Arf arf!!!
Y'all know I LOOOOOVE chartreuse!!!


I'm actually thinking about making the next version of this program a desktop peer-to-peer host and eliminating the Web presence" aspect of it altogether. I was working on an old school BBS in PHP last summer and had considered "including a Web interface at the time. Now I'm seeing how the two programs could be merged into a single application similar to PowWow.

We really need software to fill that niche. BitTorrent isn't really "community" oriented. WinMX doesn't have bulletin boards like PowWow had, and the PM system doesn't have the usual instant messenger interface most people are familiar with.

The new program would be written in PHP-GTK, which I've used in the past, so the same software would work identically on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It would be as easy to modify for sysops who know PHP as it would be if it were a normal website.



Slow Clap


That fairy dust cursor trail is lit as fuck. nanarub

I'm going full 90s on this shit, using modern technology. The [marquee] and [blink] tags from early HTML days are done with CSS animations now.

Wish I had time to post a bunch of shit on the forum so you can see how it works. Here's another screenshot showing profile comments and instant alerts.

It does the "Welcome!", "You've got mail!", and "Goodbye!" sounds from AOL too.



Here it is, kids! Banana


(1) Unzip the files and upload them to your htdocs, www, or public_html folder, depending on what your hosting provider has named it.

(2) Import conf/schema.sql into MySQL using phpMyAdmin or MySQL Query Browser.

(3) Edit /conf/install.php and run it. Be sure to change the System and Sysop account passwords and account recovery questions/answers at the bottom.

(4) Have phun!!!

I'll upload detailed documentation later. I'm tired. Moving to Texas this weekend.

Fuck Yeah


They suck they actually don't even work the apps the functionality there is none. Billion dollar multi nationals too.
Its like they were programmed by drunk people coming down off meth and pingas who had just smoked crack and the LSD was starting to kick in.
Or they outsourced it to Bangladesh. I just uninstall them instantly if they have no off, back, open in new tab etc or if they ask you all these stupid Questions from stupid dialogue boxes.
FUCKIN GONE muhfucka!

They must know however or they wouldn't bother wasting their time n money that most of the world is full of brain dead zombie lemmings who like stupid retarded fucked up shit like that.

What. He. Fucking. Said.


(09-18-2019, 10:07 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]

What. He. Fucking. Said.

Yeah man this was a great video, it needed to be said by somebody with a lot of reach, and the fact that he made this vid just showcases how big a problem this BS is becoming.


I still have Windows 7 on my 64-bit desktop and 32-bit laptop. I'm running Debian on this one, and it's getting me there. Audio tracks are a little jerky for the first few seconds when streaming a video or playing back a local video file, but there's probably a firmware update for that.

Microsoft will stop all support for Windows 7 in January 2020. No more security updates after that. Anyone not wanting to continue down the path to the Dark Side of mobile-style computing a la Windows 10 and Mac should insist on Linux in their next PC. There are tons of videos on YouTube on making the switch. I'll post some of the better ones when I have time. There is no reason to be intimidated by Linux. It has a desktop and task bar with a Menu button where the Start button would be in Windows, and functions more or less like a classic Windows system in every way.

The best things about Linux are:

Some 65,000 programs are available absolutely free as part of most Linux distributions. You can install as many or as few as you want. Linux programs are much smaller than Windows programs, so they download and install quickly, and use very little disk space.

All of your programs automatically get security patches and bug fixes every time you update the system. You basically only need to know these three lines to update the system and (un)install software:

sudo apt update && apt upgrade
sudo apt install whatever-program
sudo apt remove some-other-program

Always run apt update and apt upgrade before installing anything.

Then use it as if it were a Windows desktop the rest of the time.

You can continue to update a Linux system practically forever. You may need to upgrade to a newer version once in a blue moon, but it will always be the same operating system and programs. Support for Linux will never end.
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