Full Version: Frank Tufano: Exposing the Vegan Conspiracy
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What the fuck, I THOUGHT I UNSUBBED FRANK!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

But this is in my subs feed!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!

And I'm um, kinda glad?!?!?!?!?!?!

Quote:Pinned by Frank Tufano
Frank Tufano
19 minutes ago
Hey guys this is a re upload from about 2 years ago because the video I had for today was blocked under copyright
Bahahahaha oh my God, Frank...

In Frank's new video where he's checking out the hospitals and almost empty daytime New York streets, I wondered if that is what the Rapture would look like.

It would be really funny if something like the Rapture or lots of people migrating to another reality/realm happened and the lockdowns are a way to hide the large number of missing people.


@4:00 look you bastards i dont believe this corona bullshit but i dont think its a cover for taking children out of tunnels into trauma centers .lol
There aint enough drugs to make me believe that shit

0:38 no, that's what slow, self-inflicted starvation looks like. Check out the dents in the nails, the flaking etc., guy's got extreme deficiencies and what looks like thyroid problems, all no doubt because of his starvation diet.

The extreme mental illness is so sad. It makes me want to examine my own life, just in case!?

3:10 so sad how it's only psychotic, mentally sick white people who pour into those Asian countries... how embarrassing.

4:40 ah God... this guy needs to go back home, gain 100lbs, keep his head shaved, and just be in a heavy metal band.

6:28 honestly? This guy's vids are the saddest vids I've ever seen.

9:00 he's eating worms? Uh that's not vegan.

Agh. Yikes man.
Frank's channel has taken an unexpected turn lately.
I like that he's passionate about many things.
(02-17-2019, 09:26 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]

1:10 LMAO his sarcastic mocking of her overly niceness... it's so true though, these vegans are so damn try-hard.

4:00 good points.

5:45 he addresses the obsession with 'detox'.

6:46 LOL.

8:57 LMFAO RIGHT?!?!?

9:50 I mean holy heck... I'm not hating on smoothies as a whole, but especially with the dull and lifeless filter over her video to begin with, that shit looks NASTYYYYYYY.

10:10 this is making me want a bloody ribeye.

time stamping your comments: so liked...


I wanna yank that blondes hair and pretend she's amber Frey for an hour or two

You should start eating these foods, Fannie, so that you have a head start for when you get knocked up.
Salmon roe, eggs, milk! Looks like my kinda shit!

I've always wondered what fresh brains smell like!
I'd slurp down a jar of salmon roe a day if I could.

Well okay, probably just a tablespoon or so, it's pretty hardcore.
Ah God, it's so good though.
Instead of brains you can try heart or liver.

I've heard David Icke mention that human hearts have brain cells in them because humans also think with their heart.

So animal hearts might also have their brain cells in them.
I'd go for some liver for sure. I haven't had it very many times but whenever I have, I thought it was great.
It also occured to me a while back that processed meats like hotdogs, vienna sausages and spam might be really healthy because they add the organs in them.
They COULD be healthy if they weren't so processed.
The idea is fine... the execution is the problem.
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