Full Version: Frank Tufano: Exposing the Vegan Conspiracy
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It honestly sounds horrible.
I don't want to poo poo pregnancy, don't get me wrong...

I want a curly blonde haired blue eyed baby just as bad as the next bitch.

But, man...

That price tag.

People are harping on Frankie for not being "humble enough" in the beginning of this broadcast...

And I'm sorry, but they're wrong. Frankie is just speaking the truth. He's right and it's that simple.

There's a lot of paid presence in the 'carnivore community' online, just like there are in the vegan circles.

Frankie is discriminated against because he's THE REAL DEAL. He's not a shill. He KNOWS what he's TALKING ABOUT.

What he's saying about being rejected from all these speaking events is a lot like what Clif High said about being banned from the ECETI event:
Frankie's the shit, dude. Face it, haters. Bow the fuck down to your king.

It's so fucking retarded that people don't understand wearing the Guy Fawkes mask totally takes away their identities, the force of their individuality and wholly cancels out the entire point of a mass demonstration...

LMAO humans are such fucking idiots.



meat and dairy are inflammatory so you need lots of veggies for healthy boobies and vagina . open your mouth wide for pea protein ,mo!


we must all take part in the slaughter ! 

these guys know how to party

Drool 2


I REALLY don't understand what the fuck is going on here.

She was clearly Freelee the Banana Girl levels of lumpy muscle on an anorexic frame...

And yeah that's not cool.

But I don't understand what she's doing now... or rather, how it's being presented.

2:22 into this video and I get the impression that this is some sort of "eat all you possibly can" kind of campaign.

Just the same as the vegan trend has been shoved down peoples' throats, are they taking it a step further and now blatantly (openly) encouraging people to eat all they possibly can??

I'm honestly so confused right now.

Is this Stephanie Buttermore chick a vegan?? Because if so, that's really gonna seal the deal for me. They started off the veganism brainwashing trend as something promoting huge weight loss... are they now turning it around to encourage overeating???

2:40 I don't even overtly disagree with the idea of "set point" weight, like what type of weight range you naturally fall into when you don't starve yourself or whatever. It makes sense.

However, it's quite possible for one reason or another that a person's "set point" could be an unhealthy overweight situation. And that's not good... so it has to be kept below that point.

3:00 uh okay, well that's NOT HOW IT WORKS. When you eat a lot, your stomach stretches to accommodate the size/regularity of those meals. So when you stop eating as much... YOU GET HUNGRY. And the hunger is not even normal hunger, it's horribad. You have to go through that process of shrinking the stomach back down. It's not a fun process. That's why it's best to never start overeating in the first place. I hate to break it to her but she's totally wrong about this.

And with her flashing all her sparkly doctor BS all over the screen while she's talking about it, in addition to the disingenuous and rehearsed way of speaking, well... I find it all rather suspicious.

It looks like she's not vegan, at least there's that.

6:00 Frankie's right, I'd be eating nothing but steak.

8:16 yeah, this is suspicious. BOLO for more of this kinda shit.

So true... Accutane ruins lives. So sad. I've heard of so many people who have suffered terrible effects from the drug.

4:40 so true.
Frankie is fucking ridiculous about his "attractiveness" though... he never needed any of those stupid cosmetic surgeries. It's never (NEVER) enough and they're never (EVER) satisfied with the results. The needless plastic surgery bullshit is a slippery slope that never ends.

Moral of the story? Have some fucking confidence in yourself... there's nothing wrong with your natural appearance.

1:18 Amazonian rainforest wildfire tie-in to the vegan agenda. Also of course related to carbon tax.
They want you weak, stupid, and easy to control.

What better way to accomplish that than by taking away the meat...

Making you soft and scared, brainwashing you to the point where you won't even EAT PROPERLY in order to survive. What a sick agenda.

Excellent informative video about cholesterol.


last few seconds ...roid rage

These emaciated pregnant vegans are depressing as shit.


imagine all the bugs living in her hair
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