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Bunny has been receiving mail from her MASSIVE fanbase for YEARS AND YEARS.


I even sent her mail like 100,000,000 years ago and she showed it in a vlog which was cool as fuck, I collect autographs and got one from her way back in like 2011 or some shit. It's a righteous addition to my collection. I digress.

She lives in a huge house so she probably has a lot of storage but DAAAMNNN.

What the hell does she DO with all the THINGS she gets SENT!?

She's been talking about having anxiety for years, and I don't see how receiving all that mail could help at all... picking it up from the post office, thinking about where you're gonna put it etc.

It's so amazing to be sent all that mail, but I would have to tell the audience just to send letters... no boxes.
I used to watch her videos from time to time. She's a trip.
I think Bunny is super cool...

I think she's hawt too.

I like how she squishes up her lil titties in them thar pushup bras...

That's always been my favorite thing about her.

So stoked that she did it in this video.
Like in this video from way back in the day...

Arf! Arf arf arf arf arf! Arf! Arf!
I dunno how she does it...

I've got a few ideas about how she achieves the look but.

It's an art, I'll just say that.
She's too PG to discuss it I'm sure.

"Hey everybody IT'S BUNNY and TODAY I'm just going to be showing you how I custom tailor my BRAS to PUSH my titties TOGETHER and HOIST them UP as far as they will GO!"

Like no.

0:07 I meeean, it's a nice looking foot.
Check out the thumbnail, her knees are all scratched up... whatchya been doin' Bunny?!?!?!?!?!?
Gurrrrl, get you some knee pads!!!!!!!!
I meeean, I gotta be 100%, this is probably the most unintentionally hot video Bunny has ever posted.

I'm so glad I randomly clicked on this with zero expectations and no intention of actually watching it.

Whoa I didn't realize she and Dogman had been together since 2004...

That is a LOOONG time!!!

I think it's time for Bunny to have a real baby.

Wonder if she's able to?

I've always wondered that about her.

I could totally see her being one of those eccentric old chicks who never reproduced.

Those are some of the most interesting memorable old ladies you'll ever meet, I've known a couple and one in particular who was a fascinating person.




That thread addresses "driverless cars" but all the same shit applies to "smart cars" too.
Driving down a highway at night and a person figure suddenly shows up on your dash...


Fucking disaster.

Couldn't pay me enough to drive one of those fucking things.

1:38 we know, Bunny...

We know.

And believe me...

We are grateful.
Those are NOTTTTT the bras she wears though...

LMFAO, I'm not saying she NEVER wears them...

I'm just saying, those ain't the titty hoisters...

It's just a sponsorship, but I'm pretty sure she's never talked about bras on here before.

Maybe she has, I dunno, I haven't really watched her channel in a LOOONG damn time, I've just been binging on her vids lately.

Cuz I do love Bunny for sure, she's an awesome chick.

MAYBE low key in love with her on some level...

MAYBE always have been.

I admit nothing.
6:10 it's pretty funny to hear Bunny try and make sense of BS made up Chinese brands...

15:20 it would SUCKKKKKK to be recognized everywhere you go like that.

I mean it would honestly fuckinggggg suck.

At least she has her BF there to play bodyguard.
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