Full Version: I love Mae Brussell so much...
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Her voice fills me with a depth of solace that is hard to find.

I admire her. She makes me want to do talk radio.
I like her. Way ahead of her time.
I wish she were on in these times. Amazing how she sounds like she's a current radio personality. I like this. a lot.

Thanks for posting this MO... I'd never heard of her before. I've been listening while I'm making/eating lunch.

43:15 she mentions "selected patsies"... such a creepy thought.

9:56 "I'm apprehensive about your insecticide commercials. I know for sure there's only one step from insecticide, to genocide."

Said that WW3 would kick off in/over Antarctica. Interesting to hear that considering how Clif High says that discoveries made in Antartica are what will change the world paradigm re: some type of technology.
ok now i am interested if she mentioned antarctica
LOL, wow man this show is a trip...

This episode talks about aspartame and Monsanto... 19:26. She liked to watch ice skating! I love ice skating.

January 1988... she died later that year :(

11:54 "The purpose was to learn to control behavior through the use of bacteria. Bacteria would be used also to destroy petroleum products."
17:50 tick venom to cause muscle paralysis...

Lyme disease was engineered.
25:12 discusses alternating sex patterns via chemicals.

33:46 "They sell horror on the intellectual marketplace, even through the radio and news media just like Madison Avenue, and they bolster their product with a genius for deceit."


"Why is it always Russia?"

"Someone who has a lot of money... enough to buy say, the head of the CIA. Or a spy here and a spy there. A governor here and a governor there. There has to be someone who is desperate."

Mae Brussell is like my safe space.

I just keep a Dialogue Conspiracy video open on a page in the background all the time, and whenever I get triggered, I push play, assume the fetal position and rock back and forth gently as my soul is soothed to its core.

Holy freaking heck man, Mae was NOT fucking around. She had gone through SOME SHIT... all to bring out the truth behind events. Wow. I'm just listening to this while writing my diary entry. And I'm just shaking my head. She was just so right on... she really was brave too. I truly admire her.
The next show after her hiatus:

She explains she figured out she still wasn't safe even after she "shut up". She explains the coup that took place after Kennedy's death, etc.
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