Full Version: 'Uneasy, Gross & Confused': Lucy Flores on how it feels to get violated by Joe Biden
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Sure, Lucy is a lot older than Joe's usual victims, but let's face it, the guy can't control himself...

Wonder if he had a boner when he kissed her from behind?

That's his favorite way to come at 'em...

Creepy Uncle Joe does it from the back.
What a sick fuck.
And they tried to come at Trump for some stupid joke he made about grabbing crotches, straight audio that was supposed to be a locker room style convo between two men...

Yet there is clip after clip after clip of Joe touching little girls and playing with their hair and whispering in their ears while they look totally fucking horrified.

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

This is the demoncratic party.


Thats a very dangerous man , giving unwanted touching and kissing ...omg MO This is horrific !
There are commie socialist (democrat) women out in D.C. who fucking hate America and want to see it fall, but even they can't stomach the idea of being exposed to Creepy Uncle Joe again in order to further the destruction of this country.

That's why nobody is supporting him or defending him... they're tired of him touching all over their daughters.
I admit, most women smell fucking wonderful, except the fat ones, they just smell like other fat people. But you don’t grab them and start smelling them because that’s fucking rude, and creepy. But Al Gore drinks blood to stay young. Joe must have low tolerance because he just smells them. He probably goes crazy off a single smell.
Interesting that Cathy O’Brien didn’t talk about being raped by Joe Biden. She did say she was raped by Patrick Leahy, Robert Byrd, and Dick Cheney. Maybe Joe Biden is just a sniffer.

I'd rather be sniffed than be bungholed. If I went to prison and Bubba said let me sniff you I'd say sure why not, just don't molest my asshole.