Full Version: Just overheard this chick in a public bathroom crying on the phone about a “fuckboy”
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She was saying he broke up with her during his lunch break on the phone...

She sounded so surprised that he was just using her. 

Makes me glad I don’t “date” people.
MO is really a "Pooper Snooper".


"Fuckboy" is one of those overused terms like "THOT."
I couldn’t believe I actually heard somebody say it IRL.
I mean let’s face it... it’s fucking stupid.
Men like to fuck women and people in general like to take advantage of gullibility...

Put those two things together and you have typical behavior.

Just like women are bitches.
I wonder how many drug runners and serial killers you stumbled upon during your roadtrip whenever you had to pinch a buttloaf behind some bushes out of sight of the road?

I’ve probably crossed the paths of a few so far.

But they’re put off by me...

Or I end up being deterred from them somehow.