Full Version: Zakk Tull: You GOTTA hear this, ROFLMAO...
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It's a Zakk video...

His roommates are fighting and whatever, but that's not the ESSENCE of this video.

Watch the whole thing just for ambience, but if you want to skip, go to 2:00 and just know...

It's worth it.

LMFAO he refers to his roommate as an "entity".

Zakk has remained so hot over the years.

Yeah he's kinda fat, but he has a nice face.
ROFL fuck I still can't get over this...


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA could you fucking IMAGINE Zakk's CRAZY ASS showing up at your AirBnB!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Alright, we're about to check out Zakk's astrological chart and send the microscope in!!!

Rub Hands

For anyone who doesn't know Zakk, he's schizophrenic (he calls it "dimensionally challenged") and also has synesthesia.

Let's see what's written in the stars that might shed some light or explain his existence...

I've never seen the 'journalism' aspect in anybody's chart before, I found that interesting. While not a 'journalist' per se, Zakk has been writing/chronicling his life for almost a few decades now. I've personally been a Zakk fan since 2002.

Hoooolllllyyyyy shhhhiiiiitttt.

Zakk at the gym...


Man you really just never know who's a crazy motherfucker out there, or where they're gonna be.

Zakk has always tripped me the fuck out because the people that are around him at these public places act like he's NOT EVEN THERE.

And thank God they do.

But it's weird, it's like he's in another dimension.
Face scratching with the WRONG TALKING makes the world go around
you mean he too suffers from...




Edit: I am not diagnosed with schizophrenia, for the record, k thanks
(07-13-2018, 10:52 AM)Dreamz Wrote: [ -> ]you mean he too suffers from...




Edit: I am not diagnosed with schizophrenia, for the record, k thanks

Nah he suffers from, the face scratching and the WRONG TALKING BRO!
right on


Zakk's loop is like...

Intensely short.

He repeats over and over...

There's like nothing new that gets added.

It's very strange...

Wonder why.

What's the purpose of a life with this perspective?


Zakk is schizo but he is way entertaining with the face scratching and the wrong talking hahahahaha
Like whoever could think up such shit is just a fucking champion!!! I mean my mate when I was younger was schizo and he never even came up with such entertaining shit he just used to go to the mall and try to kill people with samurai swords. Zakk fucking rocks man!

Some really good views of zakks fingers in this one

Dude Zakk is fuckin' nuts LMFAO.

(07-19-2018, 07:11 PM)Kenny Wrote: [ -> ]

But what about women??

Lol Huh


Well. At least he is burning energy with all these crazy theories...said his mom


You know the guy actually got really rich like millionaire from selling booze to fisherman at that bar he inherited, and he thinks they stole it off him cos of some buried treasure. But the truth is he had no liquor license and if you sell booze without one they take your cash. He just took over after his adoptive dad died and neglected to have the skills to run it. Its a sad story although he probably thinks im wrong talking lol its actually the truth.

WTF? Who is that talking at the end? What did he say? What did Zakk say? I can't understand it.

But OMG... could you imagine some random crazy dude filming your family at a fast food place and saying a bunch of crazy shit like that?! LMFAOOO. I mean... nobody ever really seems to notice Zakk. Thank God. It's amazing he's never gotten an ass stomping. Probably because he's a fairly sizable dude.
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