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I've watched a bunch of videos from this channel so far it's absolutely hilarious...

Clean comedy for the whole family, what a concept!!!

I honestly love it...


1:26 lmfaolol.

Love this guy.

ROFL this chick is funny!!! I figured she'd suck, cuz you know, she's a chick!!!

But she's actually pretty great!!! Bwahahahaha!!! She's so right too!!!

She's actually super relatable ROFLMAOMG!!!

She's pretty hot too:

Bahahahahahahaha. I like this chick hahaha!!!

1:56 LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

She's fuckin' great!!!

Non-motivational quotes bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

Bwahahahaa holy fuck she's actually totally amazing.

Love this chick.

This guy is hot hot hot.
Some people may feel like this family friendly comedy is kinda lame, and I can definitely understand that but...

I don't think it's particularly lame...

While clean comedy isn't important to me personally, I think it's a great CONCEPT.

I think it's a good thing for the world because I don't see how it could possibly be a BAD thing for the world, ROFL!

They've got a shitload of subs so apparently other people are liking it too...

Frankly, I believe in general we're becoming fatigued from all the obscenity present literally everywhere in all types of media...

It's just getting old. And where can you go from the end of that road? You can only go back... that's the truth of things universally, sorry but it is. Everywhere we go is only a return.


I think this guy is pretty damn funny...


I'd looove to see some standup comedy live, wouldn't that be kinda cool, I feel like it'd be kinda cool.
Dry Bar Comedy,+UT+84601 of course is in the middle of a downtown Utah city, LMAO. Provo. I was driving around there recently and I can tell you I would neverrr venture into the downtown area of any big town or city on purpose, let alone park there. Why can't they put these places in better areas with big devoted parking lots?? That's all I ask.


2:19 ROFLMAOOOOOOO so true.

Bwahahahaha 0:55 - 1:20 this is a good one ROFLROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO love it, call me a total dork, I love it.

3:02 roflmaofaolmfaolorlforlflmfaolol.

LOL this is my kinda guy right here.

Awww LOL he's so great, love these people OMG!

ROFLMAOMFG this guy is great too ROFL!!! Holy shit!!!


I'm like SUPER into these comedian dudes!!!

LOL this guy is gorgeous, his wife is so lucky!!!


LOL this guy is great too, OMG!!!
Olive garden... plate of olives LOL!!!!!!!!!

I loooooove watching this stuff...

I've heard a lot of people suggest watching standup shows to "lift your vibe" and I gotta say it really does work.

I'm just afraid I'll run out of videos to watch!!!

I enjoy it, its clever and I have huge respect for someone who can stand up there alone on the stage trying to make people laugh, you couldnt pay me enough!
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