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Okay man this stuff is hilarious, I can't help it, I gotta post it.

I will admit I haven't seen basically ANY the Carol Burnett show, so all of this is totally new to me and I had no idea it was this funny. But when I was a kid, they aired it on the TVLand channel and I'm pretty sure I always skipped it on purpose. I feel like there's a certain level of maturity it takes to really 'get' this comedy.

I've watched a few of the skits since yesterday, but this was the one that really made me certain I needed a thread about this show.

I'm a huge Columbo fan and I am also very fond of Carol Burnett, just as a person... I have her autograph and everything. I also love Harvey Korman for his work on Blazing Saddles (one of my all time favorite movies) and Tim Conway is really growing on me too although I wasn't familiar with him before I started watching these skits.

One thing about the show is that it appears difficult to nail down what season/year these skits were featured. I like to do my best to get these details as accurate as possible, so for the sake of avoiding sharing inaccurate info, I'll simply write the name of the skit.


4:39 it's stuff like this that is so simple and random yet somehow it really is absolutely freakin' hilarious. I love that they weren't crude or vulgar and that there is so much effort put into these skits. It's so classic and high above most of the shit on TV/movies now.

5:31 LMFAO @ Harvey Korman laughing.

10:06 ROFL that look and the music... LMAO. It's the little things.
6:12 ROFL they always had him doing acrobatic shit like this, he did the same thing in this vid I posted earlier on another thread:

(07-16-2019, 05:17 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]"As The Stomach Turns"

12:02 just what the fuck, ROFLMFAO.
"Hardware Store"

Vicki Lawrence was made to play this "Mama" character... it's totally perfect.

She was pregnant here apparently.

It's crazy how much she and Carol look alike.
"The Old Flame"

The end of this one had a little tinge of poignancy, and I thought that was really spectacular.
"Went With The Wind"

Probably one of the most classic and famous skits ever on the show.

14:47... LMFAO.

15:08 being of course the curtain rod dress scene that was made such a fuss over. I thought most other parts of the skit were funnier than that particular moment, but that's just my personal taste. What really got me was Carol rolling down the stairs... really and truly above and beyond. Comedy was very physical back then, and well, so was everything else. We should go back to that.
"The Interrogator"

This was the skit that got me down the rabbit hole. Absolutely ridiculous but very funny.
I grew up watching her show and "Mama's Family".
Good clean shows that would have ya rollin' on the floor!
Mama's Family, one of my grandma's fave shows. I saw it a lot at her house as a child.

I thought it was great. Of course I had no idea that it originated on The Carol Burnett Show.

But funny enough, I did always marvel at how much Vicki and Carol look alike, LOL!
It reminds me of the resemblance between Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) and Christine Taylor.
I also loved Your Show Of Shows...

"The Bavarian Clock" being my absolute favorite skit from the show.

I loved Imogene Coca.

The 50s were a great time for comedy.

2:28 hilarity ensues.



6:50 LOLOL. Agh, so great.
This one was great too...

"The Small Apartment"

Nanette Fabray was gorgeous.

2:54 ROFL.

Great entertainment.

4:26 "I'm caught, I'm caught!"


10:46 bahahahahahaha this is so ridiculous.

Classic American TV at its finest.

12:07 "We don't need any gravy" ROFLMAOLOLOL.

12:37 ROFL great scene.

12:46 LMFAO agh. So awesome.

13:19 LOLOL.


16:09 OMG LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"The Haircuts: So Rare & Flippin' Over You"

They thought this was totally stupid way back then...

But compared to the trash of today it's like fucking Mozart, LOL.

How times have changed.

4:40 ROFLMAO...


“Disaster 75”

4:33 ROFL OMG I can’t believe this!!! 4:45 freakin’ hilarious. Honestly. I love these skits.

4:58 Titanic Airlines flight 1313 lmaolololololol.


9:19 “WHAT a COINCIDENCE!!!” Bwahahahaha OMG. So good.

3:14 “Just do your thing, Nancy, we’ll get back to you!”

5:12 “I was in a telephone booth across the street from Disneyland.”



"Terminal Hospital"

4:38 - 4:57 OMG that was downright DIRTY!!! I’m shook!!!
"Computer Date"

OMG check out her righteous dress... it's about 2 ft. too short for me, but it's gorgeous.

1:36 ladyboner killer!

2:22 LMFAO uh oh, love is in the air! I guess the computer knows best! ROFL!

Very cute skit.



6:17 fucking amazing, LMFAO OMG what a great skit.

Absolutely amazing.
"Stella Toddler & The Oldest Man: The Shoe Store"

4:54 lmfao AGAIN with the acrobatics!!! I love this!!!

6:56 roflroflmao.

I notice she was doing the stereotypical teeth licking mouth thing that old people do like we talked about on this thread:

Still kind of a mystery to me, not even gonna lie.
"Lights Out"

1:57 AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude this show makes me legit laugh out loud, I dunno why it's so fucking funny, but it is.

I feel like it's because of the reactions and the timing...

She seems so shocked at the suggestion, ROFL, and she's trying to stay in character when she realizes how fucking funny what she just did really was.

It's honestly amazing and I love classic shows like this because they're perfectly imperfect. There's ad-lib, there are mess ups, there's coughing every now and then, that kinda stuff. It's just so much more real.

1:16 ROFLLLLLL the way he looks at the camera, BWAHAHAHAHA.

4:56 LMFAO. I love Vicki.
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