Full Version: I'm at the Taiwan airport and there's an Asian dude listening to Jordan Peterson...
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(09-04-2019, 07:08 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: [ -> ]Admit it Fannie, you went to Taiwan hoping to get stuck by a cyclone so you'd have to take shelter in a hotel room with lots of asian guys.

You'd be using your Hurricane Fannie on all their Floridas.

Don't think I haven't considered it...

Believe me, I've thought of everything...


It's an "out of the frying pan and into the fire" type deal.

I'm under no illusions as to how ridiculous this is.

But I really think life is just slipping away from us, and I was curious...

So I'm going to satisfy my curiosity.

Then I'll never have to think about it again.

Spent like 3 months researching and planning this whole thing...

But it's shit like Taiwan that puts things in perspective for you. Like yeah some of the peeps are hot but I wouldn't wanna stay here.
I never intended to stay in Taiwan but I'm just saying...

If I had come here thinking it was gonna be super great, I'd be pretty disappointed right now LMAO!

No offense, again, it's not my destination so it doesn't really matter...

But the fact is, now I know.

Didn't know before.

Before today, Taiwan was just some impossibly far away place on a map.

But now I've stepped foot in it and nothing can change that addition of experience in my life. It is what it is.
(09-04-2019, 07:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]But I really think life is just slipping away from us, and I was curious...

So I'm going to satisfy my curiosity.

I need to satisify my curiosity with your Fannie Videos before my dick slips away.


omg you are on route to thailand for sex tourism . all the pieces are fitting now
I'm not going there for sex but I can tell you one thing...

I will not be the object of anyone's sexual attention.

Solo caucasian female travelers are safe in Thailand because none of the men there want them.

The pervy predatorial white dudes are focused laser sharp on all the poor defenseless Asian chicks, and I can't imagine Thai dudes being interested in white women.
And yes, this is the height of the rainy season in Thailand...

I know that.

I've done everything on purpose...

I want to see these places at their "least great" so that I know the truth and am not under some kind of delusion like a lot of people seem to be.
I am going to find out first hand whether or not this part of the world sucks...

Because I've concluded that (basically) everywhere sucks.

It's not really fun living life feeling that way and I'd like to know how much certain parts of the world suck compared to other parts of the world which suck.

It's truly all suck to me... the only question is what sucks worse.

A lot of people get a fantasy about these places stuck in their head. It's a sad way to live... always thinking there's something better when there really isn't.


Did you get a nice meal on your fancy jet plane ?

Did you drink a lot my fair lady ?
Please dont bring back another andromeda strain miss patient zero
Two badass meals!

I don't drink alcohol if that's what you mean.

Haven't really been having enough water either.

Travelling like this is hard, you gotta recover from it.

I'm at the Taipei airport again!?

It's a charming airport, has that vintage feel... I like it best of the ones I've been through. That said... it's lined with NOTHING but luxury shopping stores. What's up with that?? Do they ever actually make sales?? I can't imagine it!!! I wouldn't buy a fucking thing. I buy water because they fucking take it away from you at every security check. Fucking obnoxious.
That's everywhere, not just here obviously LMAO.

Like who would hide shit in water?

Pisses me the fuck off.

I had to throw away an unopened bottle...

Considering how I feel about water...

Well, it's worse than killing a furry.

And then proceeding to eat it.
Those furries have it coming...

But water!? What'd my water ever do to anybody?

It just ain't right.
when you say furry, the mental image conjured is one of humans dressed up in costumes engaging in deranged sexual behavior.

those are OK to kill in my book, but good lord don't eat them.
I mean the furry lil critters of God's green earth Genba sweetie!!!

Strictly non-human entities!!!?
Sometimes I randomly remember Taiwan and how 80s it was.

The buildings, the smell, the airport workers and their style...

It was a pure 1980s time capsule.

Like an 80s bubble.

Even the edgy looking young people (weren't many of them, but there were a few) had the 80s punk style.
Sometimes I still have nightmares about trying to escape from Asia...

I always wake up and thank God so hard...

Taiwan's involvement with China isn't necessarily by choice. China is trying to snatch land from all of its neighbors these days. Pretty sure they have some bullshit rationale for claiming Taiwan as part of China too.

Also, "woke" is usually taken to mean blue pill leftist. One doesn't associate Peterson with wokeness.

Where are you headed anyway? If you go to Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus, bring me back a hot, young girlfriend. Preferably one with no tattoos or fake boobs. Thanks in advance!
Damn, I just noticed this thread is a year old. What reminded you of Taiwan all of a sudden? LOL
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