Full Version: I'm at the Taiwan airport and there's an Asian dude listening to Jordan Peterson...
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Woke though!
There are some very cute chicks in Taiwan...

VERY cute.
Seen any "shady" Asian dudes as yet?
A lot of them have short haircuts, almost kinda fugly haircuts... just like me.

These are my kinda chicks for sure.

But I'm not here for the chicks, I'm just passing through.

Taiwan is a little too involved with China for my liking TBH...

I'll have to keep a lookout and make sure WW3 (or is it WW4?) doesn't break loose while I'm busy doing...

Whatever the fuck I'm doing right now!?
All the Asian dudes seem very nice.
Let me know everything about your adventures along the "Yellow Dick Road".
Man it's weird to hear their language because of the inflection they put on stuff and where they put it.
OMFG the yellow dick road...

That is truly brilliant.
Taiwan isn't the destination but it's a very interesting stop over.

Very 80s...

The chicks I was talking about remind me of the 80s too.

Super strange.

Smells like the 80s too.

Don't ask me how I know.
"Follow the Yellow Dick Road"

"Follow the Yellow Dick Road"

"Follow, follow, follow, follow"

"Follow the Yellow Dick Road"

These asian dudes are hot.
One thing I don't like about international travel is that some stuff is in another language.

English should be the language of the whole world.
Other languages are stupid and don't make sense.
And their just the right size for you with their Goldilocks Dicks.
True... they would be perfect for me.
He was hella proudly listening to that Jordan Peterson in front of everyone man, that guy BELIEVES in Jordan Peterson.
Admit it Fannie, you went to Taiwan hoping to get stuck by a cyclone so you'd have to take shelter in a hotel room with lots of asian guys.

You'd be using your Hurricane Fannie on all their Floridas.
Oh yeah, hell yeah... there some super hot Asian dudes.

The entire Asian stewardess crew just walked down the stairs to the gate...

Like a bunch of fucking superstars OMG.

Like it was the red carpet or some shit!
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