Full Version: That escalated quickly...
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God bless America!?
Damn, I need a vacation...




Life is so fucking amazing.
So weird but so amazing.


dude, sometimes my cat(that looks identical to yours btw) starts meowing and staring at inanimate objects while flapping her tail around . what does it all mean ???
Energetic field interactions.

Something interacting with the energetic field of the "inanimate" object for one reason or another, be it power fluctuations, natural phenomena (pressure fields, fronts, any type of weather)...

Could be a hundred million different things.
Cats map out their environment based on mostly shit that we can't even see, the energetic fields of all the objects in the environment...

That's why they don't like changing environments and they don't like new shit being brought into their environments.
Cats also spend half of their time in the astral realm, they stalk through their environments while they're asleep etc. just like they do when they're awake.
They can also send their astral body 'ahead' which is why sometimes you see the cat enter the room right before it actually does...

Kinda like that scene on the Matrix.