Full Version: I'm getting a new kitty today. A NEW KITTEHHHH!!!!!
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new kitty getter

I'll meet him for the first time later this afternoon. Banana

His name is Elvis because they say he acts like Elvis. Maybe he shakes his hips and sneers a lot? shrug

As described to me, Elvis is solid black and has long hair. He was abducted from a feral mother and raised with other cats and dogs before being neutered.
Oh wow, solid black... he sounds gorgeous!!!

I looove black cats... I mean I love ALL cats, but black cats are so mystical and magical.

Congrats on the new kitty!!! So exciting!!!


got me a kitteh

Elvis is adjusting well to his new home. He hid under the bed for the first couple of days. I coaxed him out with kitty treats at first, but that's no longer necessary. He comes when I call him now.

He's an earnest kitteh, if a bit hyper. I need to fatten him up so he'll get lazy.


Elvis wears a little halter that I can pick him up by if he goes somewhere I don't want him to go. He usually learns after being denied access a few times. Here he is napping peacefully after a busy day of driving me up the wall.

That cat has nice yellow eyes with the black fur must look cool

I wanna dedicate this fine tune to my cat and mo when she aint being nasty can run, you can hide

Awwwe, he's so black!!! I love him!!!

nuther kitty getter

I'm getting another kitty. ANOTHER KITTEHHHHH!!!

Elvis needs someone to play with, so I'm getting a second one from the same mother.


She's. Soooooo. Damned. PRETTY!!!

She's 8 weeks old. I'll have to get her spayed myself 3 months from now. The cat lady told me about a place that does it for $48.

I also get to name her myself. I'm considering Audrey, but I want to wait and see if her personality suggests a more appropriate name.

She's ADORABLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She's sooooo CUTE.

Oh you're pussywhipped now OP!!!!!!!!!!


Hopeless to fight against the toxoplasmosis now!!!!!!!!!


I've been around cats for so long, I probably already have it. LOL

More than 40 million men, women, and children in the U.S. carry the Toxoplasma parasite, but very few have symptoms because the immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.
1/3 of the world has toxo...

Very fascinating in general.
Not saying dogs aren't great too, but they serve a different purpose in the world.
I don't use clay litter, I use pine and cedar litter because clay litter makes me sneeze and it's just really bad for humans and animals to breathe it. You can mix in chicken feed (the crumbles kind, not the kind with actual pieces of corn in it) and make the pine litter last longer.

When my cat gets in there and pees, it's super loud... I call it "kitty peepee" and I think it's sooooooo cute, it's like a tinkly little song.


The cat lady is bringing muh other kitteh this afternoon! Banana
That new kitty smell!!!
I love the soft kitties with the long fur... it's just like cotton candy!!!
It's rare I come across a kitty that doesn't give me an allergic reaction if I pet them and don't immediately wash my hands, and kissing them used to be totally off limits. But I actually have a kitty who doesn't make me sneeze or anything for the first time in my life. So I've just been marveling in being able to rub my face all in the belly fur, the kitty really likes me and rolls over all the time to be petted and even sleeps that way. Cutest kitty ever, for sure.
I'd post pics but I don't let just anybody see my kitty.
It's a calico though I will say that...

And all calicoes are female. If they're male, they have a genetic deformity and can't reproduce. I never knew that before!


(09-28-2019, 03:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]I'd post pics but I don't let just anybody see my kitty.



show us pics of you frolicking around on your bed with kitty
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