Full Version: "Manmade Climate Change" is the Earth regulating itself like it always does...
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Man is an extension of the Earth...

Earth is a self-regulating organism.

If mankind has done anything to alter the climate, it is merely the Earth operating through the use of that lifeform.

Climate change alarmists/extremists bank on the fact that people are so out of touch with nature that they don't understand these natural principles/facts.

The climate change agenda is solely a money scheme, it's another way to make the poor poorer and the rich richer...

Furthermore, anyone who falls for the sensationalist climate change rhetoric is an idiot.
Anybody who's upset about plastic and all that shit...

Go throw a gallon jug in a lava flow and see what happens.

20,000 years from now there won't be a single remnant of us...

And there will be life on this planet far beyond that timeframe.

Probably just the same kind of douchebag asshole life that humanity is today.

Because that is existence... and it's the same all over.


this uplifting message brought to you by the national gfy science foundation !
um girlfriend, has you seen this

but as far as man-made climate change, possible, but its done with technology, if at all, not us doing what the earth does, one way or the other..burning stuff happens lol

are we effecting the way mother nature responds? that is a more interesting and fruitful we even matter?
I am certain that we barely make an impact on the planet...

Worst thing we've done is nuke plants...

A few good supervolcanoes and asteroids will knock that shit right out though.
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finally an angry mob drags these fuckers off top of train and kicks their assĀ