Full Version: Soooooo... I just got walked in on in the bathroom.
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And let me level with you right now...

I'm laughing so hard I'm fucking crying.

Gas station bathroom obviously.

It should have been right up there with the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me...

Because when you walk in on Annie in the bathroom, NOTHING you see is going to be normal or make sense.

Because I don't just sit on the toilet. 


So I'm perched on the toilet.



And this lady walks in. And I just go "Sorry" in the most monotone voice you've ever heard.

Because I know this lady has never seen anything like this, nor will she ever again...

Nor can she ever unsee it.

I was having compassion.

I digress...

Have you ever heard of a Squatty Potty?


Those are okay, but truthfully you are supposed to literally full on SQUAT when you take a shit. SITTING whilst taking a shit is totally unnatural.

Listen, I gotta go.
She was so shook she got in the other stall and dropped her coat on the floor. And just like left it there.

There was no laughing... only shock.
Only shookitude.
At least it wasn't a guy that walked in on you doing the brown squat.

What is it with you and public bathrooms lately?

It was less embarassing to me than accidentally walking into the men's bathroom.

Which is kinda crazy, LMAO!!!

Agh, God.

I'm doing the public bathroom thing because I'm out driving around.

I have a backlog of vids to edit/upload.
TBH though, I just kinda love public bathrooms.

It's part of Highway Culture.

We are Roadtrippers, it's in our blood.
I don't know what other explanation there could be for the tendency.
I've given it a lot of thought and there seems to be no other conclusion as to why we love to travel this way...

Every how ever often (months or years) we get the extreme urge to head out and it's all-consuming.

It becomes the sole focus/desire/purpose of life, and absolutely nothing is above it.
There's nothing else as fun and nothing else we like to do more...

In fact, everything else is just trash.
That said, it's a risk every time. Your vehicle, your life, your money...

It's all on the line when you go out into the great wide open.

In a way though that is a thrilling part of the allure.

I'd prefer if everything wasn't a risk and everything wasn't in a constant state of decay from its onset...

But that is not reality.
We're all gonna fucking die...

Do what makes you happy, and be grateful if there are a variety of things that truly make you happy...

Some people just don't have that luxury.