Full Version: Songs I found while looking for another song...
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Not what I was looking for but I'm not sorry I found it! 


There's some pretty guitar work on this one around 1:52, it almost hearkens back to that specific late 70s early 80s guitar sound I love so much.
But I'm looking for a song that sounded like it was from the 70s or early 80s and I can't remember any of the lyrics...

I heard it at a gas station in New Mexico and I think about it every now and then...

It was something along the lines of "needing a crazy man" or a man who's a little crazy, or wanting a crazy guy, or something like that.

Agh, my God. I wish could remember, cuz I had never heard this song before and I can't find it by searching these lyrics.

I've tried wording it in different ways, I can't remember exactly what it said.

Also not the song. LMAO. But kinda sexy!

Lol Huh

Um, no.
It's really surprising how hard this song is to find.

Also not it.
Honestly, guys, it was a great song...

Wasn't some bullshit song.

No offense to these other songs.
Damn good tune, Dark.

I've never heard most of the songs on this thread.

So any time I find good old music I've never heard, it's a good day.

I know eventually one way or another I'll find the song I'm looking for...

I will relax and let the universe bring it to me.

There's this cool site...

I looked through it with a bunch of possible phrases and keywords but couldn't find anything...

Again it's just kind of amazing how elusive this song is.

Almost like it existed in an alternate universe and things have to align in order to make it exist here.


Not on any level, but thanks for not embedding them!
I'll take a shot

Dee White- "crazy man".
Thank you so much for trying 52, I really appreciate it. It's not the right song, but thank you!
(11-14-2019, 07:13 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]Almost like it existed in an alternate universe and things have to align in order to make it exist here.

Fuck, now I'm so invested. 

Let me get some clues lined up:

1. Obviously a female vocalist.
2. Genre? Was it country, R&B, pop...?
3. Literally any little thing you can remember that hasn't been mentioned...?
No it was a man singing and he was saying something along the lines of "You need a crazy guy (or man?) like me"...

The memory is really starting to fade.

It was a late '70s-early '80s sound and was on the more kinda country side, definitely no disco kinda shit going on there.

What I have said on this thread is as clear as I'll ever be able to get on it again... sad!
Way less 80s than that.
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