Full Version: *casually listening to Halloween theme song*
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Kiiiinda want it as a ringtone.
I need to install an intercom system throughout my house so this can be playing whenever someone comes over.
In the garage too.

And outside.
that's the one song i kinda learned on piano!
Awwwwwe, that's so sweet Genba!!!!!!!!
"Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween!"
"Happy, happy Halloween...

           Silver Shamrock!" -H3

A nice ring tone...

"It's almost times kids! The clock is ticking...
Be in front of your television sets for the 

Remember the big "giveaway" at NINE

Don't Miss It!

And DON'T forget to wear your MASKS...

The clock is's almost time..."
Deleted post
Bananasex2 Skateboardnana Sockitnana

Eating dog meat makes them extra cute don’t you think? The way they shake that butt gets me so emotional woof woof woof

Never assume tho. Not all are like that or even some... not even one.

(01-11-2020, 04:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]
Yes. Never assume..
I love the Halloween theme song!