Full Version: I'm gonna eat dandelions out of the yard this year...
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Hi, my name is MO!
Bear Grylls also said that clovers are edible.

Gonna try 'em all out.

MO Love

You are so adorable in all the best ways.


you tryin to trigger my alergies darling ?
your devious nature knows no bounds
So I went around to look at the dandelions so far...

They're all scraggly and fucked up.


And I don't even see any GREENS.

They're just single dandelions sticking out of the ground.

I'm so confused :(
About this.
Right now.


dude I wonder if your cats and dog pee on those and fertilize them for you , team work
I actually decided against eating any dandelion bits this year, but I did go ahead and pluck some of the flowers and dry them just for momentos.
Not saying I definitely won't eat any dandelion bits... but I am just saying for now I have decided against it.
No leaves... just flowers ?

All the better.


So natural.

This kinda stuff is what being human is all about...

Group Hug
Deep South Bama with Mr. Tom -- Mr. Tom is always pickin' & eatin' various
bits of greenery from around his property. His videos have that unintended
ASMR effect. I'm guessing it's his calming southern drawl.

And then there's the kittie crew!
I just ate some of a dandelion flower...

It tasted like a flower for the most part.

It was surprisingly sweet in an area in the middle...

Then it got bitter in other areas.

It was very delicate and delicious.